Aug 3, 2021


Mystic Mother SriMati aka Julie Piatt on her Eternalizing Process


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Megan Swan, Julie Piatt


Megan Swan 00:03

Welcome back to energetically you. I'm your host, Megan Swan, the creator of the Sustainable Integrated Wellness approach. I'm so excited for this interview. This is actually the second go around of us attempting to finish the interview. We have decided to start fresh and I think it is perfectly aligned because a lot of things have happened since several months ago when we first connected and I think it'll be an entirely different conversation. So, first of all, who am I interviewing is the incredible Srimati Julie Piatt. She is a mystic, mother, musician, artist, Chef, author and healer, who has lived her life immersed in devotion, and expensive creativity. She is a way shower of finding the divine in all life experiences. Srimati shares her wisdom from a multitude of life events that she has, she has experienced as processes of alchemical transformation. In her experience, her life has shown her that it is the ability to hold the divine perspective in all life, beings before you and that allows for the deepest access to the meanings that life is waiting to reveal to us. Each life is created in the perfection of a unique blueprint, and has inherent within its design all that it is needed for its full expression. Srimati is a powerful living example of how to love ourselves more so than we can live our unique, more so so that we can live our unique design in full and expansive self expression. When we live in this frequency, we bless all life around us. So as you can see, she is a divine teacher. She is my spiritual role model in many ways, and I am just so excited for this interview. So without further ado, let's dive in. Welcome back to energetically you I'm here with Srimati Julie Piatt. She is my mystic mother, teacher guide and really a huge role model in my life. I'm just so honored that she agreed to have this conversation with me today and be on the podcast. So welcome, Julie. Thank you.

Julie Piatt 03:03

Thank you, Megan. Thank you so much, sweetie. so honored to be here.

Megan Swan 03:06

Well, I have I am a member of your water Tiger group. So I wanted to start there. I love that you your tagline, if you will, "is a way to no way". Can you unpack that for us a little bit?

Julie Piatt 03:25

Yeah, um, well, I mean, you know, I've been on this spiritual journey, you know, for many, many eons and many years in this lifetime. And after studying in various traditions and and meeting different masters and teachers and a lot of Vedic lineages, but also Mayan, also Lakota Sioux. Also galactic and origin, I started to reflect on the necessity for the curation of the content that we are emitting. First of all, I was aware that everything we're putting out on social media is creating a garbage dump, basically. So energy is every thoughts are things energy is a thing. And we just have this massive, you know, explosion of content, let's call it that's being put into the field. And so, I had a deep need to make sure that what I was putting out was curated, that there was a certain qualities or attributes attributed to that content. And so it had to be useful. It had to be beautiful. It had to be applicable to anyone no matter what their orientation is. And, and, you know, it had to be part of something that had deep meaning or there have no reason to add to the garbage dump, you know, like, I'm not one who's going to film, you know, me brushing my teeth or like, you know, it's like, it's like what is really necessary and what really, really helps people and what really, really is just, you know, a waste or just, you know, just mindless, you know, whatever. So I took a pause for it for about a year and a half. And I didn't plan to go off with social media for a year and a half, but I just had this over, over whelming direction that I needed to not go on. So I started to meditate and let it come to me. And so I really feel like Water Tiger's away to no way because it's a sphere of techniques that will assist you in reconnecting to who you are. And as I subscribe to the awareness that all of us are unique divine blueprints, and life prints, they use that word that came here to express this one breath that is breathing all life in a very unique way. And we have a lot of external forces in the world that we live in, that are taking our attention outside of ourselves. Also a lot of podcasts and books and talking, and a lot of intellectual ideas about different aspects of life and how to live things higher. However, what we truly need to really transform from the inside out are techniques, they are techniques that are portals to experience. And when you experience these energies, it shifts your entire life your entire energetic form. So water Tiger is called Water Tiger because it is an aspect of an of a natural or animal life of nature that was attributed to me personally by a physician of Chinese medicine. And he was reminding me that I am a tiger I'm born in the Year of the Tiger as many people are at, and also I am all water, which he was pointing out is both my power and my, you know, my area where I can really suffer. So he was reminding me to remember who I was. And when I was allowing these teachings to come through and really getting granular on how can I really share this technique that even if you don't believe in God, or even if you, you know, whatever tradition you come from, if you practice it with devotion with commitment, just one of the techniques will shift your experience and you will gain some some shift some awareness. So I looked for a better marketing name, because I was like water Tiger, it's so obscure, you know, there's something more sort of global you know, that would be a better a better name, but the better name just never came. And so it is water Tiger, although in the monthly community. So we meet and I, I speak about a relevant topic, and I do a dedicated technique for that month. And then I take a q&a. So it's really a life guidance, you know, having been somebody who's, you know, I'm 59 years old yesterday, I've been married three times, I'm an entrepreneur, I've had multiple businesses, I've given birth to four children. I've done a lot in my life, a lot of different experiences, and I do music, I have a food company, plant based cheese company called ShriMu. I'm I make music. I'm doing many, many things art. So I have a lot of like life experience. Also in the mystic areas. I was contemplating this morning that I could literally write a book on my mystical experiences, and maybe I will. But anyway, water Tiger is a very powerful way to no way that the user uses in their own divine timing in their own intuition in their own order. There is no step one, step two, there's no dogma, I'm not promising you anything. I'm not taking responsibility for anybody's life. We all have to take that responsibility on ourselves. And each one of our journey to enlightenment will be unique to us and us alone. It will look it will look completely unique. So we can take inspiration from our fellow, you know, tribe, but we need to remember that it's going to be unique and really our directive is to know ourselves. And so the first portal is to know yourself and fully sit in yourself and if you're fully sit in city seated inside of your being, there is nothing more powerful, more beautiful, more magnetic, more creatively inspiring than a being that knows itself. Then when you're fully seated, and you seem to all of your own needs and all of your own treasures, at that point, you become a portal for humanity, because it it, then it then ripples out. So I mean, I'm not suggesting that we stop at the self, that we're going into the one, which includes all life through the portal of the self. So that was a very long answer to

Megan Swan 10:42

so many things that we can address there. So let's start with the, I don't know, some people might not understand that idea that you're going within to ultimately better humanity. Can you maybe elaborate on that a little bit more?

Julie Piatt 10:59

Well, yeah, I mean, you could look at just if you're listening to this podcast, consider the frequency or the way the energetic of the word should, feels, should, I should, or let's think of a 10 commandment, you know, a commandment, you know, Thou shalt not whatever, and feel into the vibration of that, and that that is a constrictive controlling energy, right. And same way of, you know, abstaining from sex, okay, you make a decision, I'm going to take that away, and I'm going to abstain, right? Because, you know, that's also a control mechanism. So another way, that's a way, it's a way of experience in life and everything is valid. But I guess, a water Tiger is more of an experiential way, where you, you go through life experiences, which give you the energetic awareness, that's part of your life. I mean, once you've experienced something, no one can take it from you. So like we have on Instagram, a lot of people, you know, posting quotes every day, all day long. And it's a very sweet thing. And it's good. And if you say the word love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, you will create a certain vibration, you know, in contrast to, you know, hate, hate, hate will create a different thing. And you can look into, you know, many studies to into this reality. But you cannot experience enlightenment, because you read about it in a book, or because you heard a podcast, because it's going in through your brain. It's like you have to have the spontaneous experience in your body. And so how do we do that we do that in many different ways, through sexual connection. But the problem is, we're not connecting with sexuality as our sacred power, we're using it in a very Baaz level, almost everyone, we have that in, in those moments of death or birth, you know, in those moments of magic of nature, or in a meditation technique, where we drop into a meditation and suddenly we feel the immensity of our being actually feel yourself as a gigantic life form, you can feel that, or if you get very, very, very small and travel inside your body, you can feel yourself as a miniature little micro life form. So these are the reasons that, you know, there is no substitute to meditation. And a lot of people use apps to practice meditation, but they may not really be dropping in to any space, their mind is just doing whatever it does. So techniques, experiential techniques, in my experience, things like humming practices, laughing practices, visualizations, which take you on a journey which gives you these cues where you start, you know, opening up your energy in a certain way you may or may not have ever thought about it, of course, Asana on the yoga mat, you know, Holotropic breathing pranayama Chicom like all these practices, help you to access something greater within your being and so you, you need the experiential energy in order to really You embody it? Yeah.

Megan Swan 15:04

That's totally been my experience so far. And there's so many of my favorites and I love that you sorry, we're still in water tying back to water tiger, the one that has the two harmonies, I think it's called Shira or incorrect or Yeah, sure, yeah. Three. Yeah, sure. Yeah, it is. I've really just enjoyed it. It's probably been for more than 30 days I first used that one where I just find exactly what you're saying. Like there's certain things that words can't, you know, you can't get the embodiment that's the best, the best description there. You touched a little bit on some of the dualities. Can you tell us your interpretation of the ebb and flow of the divine masculine and feminine energies and sort of the us needing to be more comfortable with the the nothingness and expansiveness and everything and let go of our idea of, of needing certainty around certain things? Or everything? Some people need certainty around everything?

Julie Piatt 16:23

I'm not sure that I understand your question. So you want me to talk about masculine and feminine energies?

Megan Swan 16:33

Yes. Well,

Julie Piatt 16:37

you know, we, the we all have both energies within us, no matter what sexual form you are in. And it is really a time right now in the planetary evolution, where we are getting ready to step into being able to fully embody both of those frequencies within our within ourselves within our beings. And, you know, the sort of state of enlightenment and you know, enlightenment goes on and on for eternity. So it's all different levels, or, you know, what is your level of awareness at this point, you know, and then the bar just keeps moving. So, you know, it's infinite, the expansion is infinite, until we are, you know, stars and galaxies, and, you know, it gets very, very large, you know, so, but I guess what I would point out is, is in aspects of the divine human in an elevated or enlightened state, we are accessing levels of androgyny, where we are equally masculine and feminine, perfectly balanced. So that is really it's not about you know, you know, listen, I mean, the the patriarchy has been, you know, pillaging this realm for 1000s of years. And there's no one more happy than I am about, you know, the me to movement. And, you know, I was watching a documentary last night that I didn't finish, which is a, it's called This changes everything. And it's Gina Davis, and a lot of other actresses, actors went through all the history of Hollywood in the film industry. And they're laying the history out to the complete removal of the feminine of that industry. And as such a such an amazing thing that I did not know, in the original silent films, women were the most employed. Professions, writers, actors, directors, producers. And then when Toki movies became a thing, and the corporation's got involved with the money, they cut out all the women. And I had no idea that this that this had happened this recently, and this is some of what I was talking about on water Tiger last night, we're gonna start to see a lot of what we thought our world was to be completely, you know, revealed to have been, you know, in fact, the opposite or, you know, something that we never even considered. So that's the first I ever heard of that narrative was very happy. And you know, the solution to this reclamation of receiving the feminine as her own solar divine power. The answer isn't to annihilate the masculine. That's not the way it's not the way we have both within us. And so we have to Yes, call it out. We have to reclaim our history and we have to rewrite our future or even you know, embody that which we know we are we need to step in into leadership roles. But there can also be men that are very expressed in feminine heart based awareness. So it's not it's not about only all women, it's about cultivating the heart frequency in all beings and the feminine nature who is, you know, a benevolent leader, one who makes decisions for the community, the healer, you know, the cosmic mother, the divine, all of that, you know, and as feminine energies we are eternally creating for eternity, always. So and masculine is holding the holding the note holding the space. So they're just waiting masculine is just waiting for the feminine to say what the movie is. They follow us, I mean, they follow they're just following. So it's not really about, it can't really be about blame, because it doesn't get us out of the game. If we only blame and then take an eye for an eye, it doesn't get us out of the game. And it really, if you really check in of how that feels, that is not a life affirming energy. So a life affirming energy would be to reveal the whole imbalance, bring everybody for Eve, you know, get the balance back. Consider every one is divine, all of us in our masculine feminine energies, look within ourselves how we can balance this, but totally call it out. Because I mean, it is like at epic proportions been out of balance for 1000s of years. But this planetary transformation that we are in right now is the return of the feminine, the divine, cosmic, feminine divine cosmic masculine to this planet. And it will it will be realized, no matter who has anything to say about it, it's it's here. So we can start to relax in that a little and not feel that we have to fight. We don't have to fight we have to embody that which is our Definity, that, which is our organic blueprint. Love that. Can you speak to?

Megan Swan 22:35

What's your opinion on what we need to forgive? Or the energy of forgiving? Is that necessary? Is that healing is that? You know,

Julie Piatt 22:47

I'm not I'm not the big one on forgiveness. And this is going to be like really controversial because I know that's a big, you know, that's a big thing. Like, you know, you have to forgive because that's the only way you can be free. But I mean, do I have to forgive my rapist? I don't think I have to. I think what I have to do is recognize the divinity in all events. Under understand that the life in this realm is made up of many of these extreme experiences. And that as an alchemist, or a being connected to her source, I can take that experience and apply a divine perspective and use it as the fuel of my evolution. So I can do a Jedi move and grab that and transform it into the expansion of who I am becoming. And I don't think that requires forgiveness of that act. I can keep that act in its purity in its horror, and recognize the perpetrator of that also as a divine character in the movie of my evolution. But I don't have to forgive him. Yeah, but I honor him. It's like honoring your enemy or recognizing your enemy. You know God in all things. It's a perspective.

Megan Swan 24:36

I like it. I'm going to have to sit and think about that for a while. I mean, I completely agree with everything you said. And so think that it can be emotionally and energetically liberating. Like I feel on some level when you're still blaming. You're giving your power away.

Julie Piatt 24:59

Oh, But I'm in that state I'm not blaming. In that state I have embodied myself as a Universal Creator. I'm not blaming, I'm also not minimizing the act. It is what it is. And there's nothing to forgive, because it's all part of the evolution. So, if everything is divine, it's nothing to forgive.

Megan Swan 25:33

I like that perspective. So I think that all goes into another big theme of yours, which is the power of knowing yourself, what can you talk to us? Tell us about? I don't know, some really informative experiences in your life that maybe you wouldn't, somebody wouldn't think of as being a spiritual experience that you've managed to take great knowledge and growth and expansion from?

Julie Piatt 26:14

Well, I mean, many, I mean, you know, life, the life doesn't, doesn't let us skate by much. Most people that I know, that are on an evolutionary path, you know, the life will visit you in whatever way is in alignment to wake you up, to remind you, who you are, and that is not in, you know, all it's not all love and light. That's not what life is about. When, you know, in the modern culture, we're always seeking the good, you know, like, how do you feel today? Oh, I feel good, you know, and then, you know, I talked to some master teachers, and they're like, the only thing you need is one really good depression, to wake you up. You know, it's like, what is it about the culture, we're always looking for the sign shiny object, and if you feel terrible for a moment, then it's like, Oh, my God, you know, take a Prozac or, you know, stop feeling that way. So, you know, I've had many experiences in my life, you know, I was incarnated into a family that was, you know, felt like, like, I don't know what I'm doing here. And, you know, nice enough, but never, never connected to me, never really understood me. And so my childhood was a lot of waiting. I was waiting. And then, you know, I became a born again, Christian without my family at age nine. Like, how does that happen? I mean, I'm a mom of four. Like, I don't know how that happens. So yeah, I accept Jesus into my life and a congregation with 1000 people in a rock concert at like, age. My parents were just at home, like watching TV that no idea. So, you know, I went through that experience, which was awesome that I saw, you know, dark fanaticism and violence and that, you know, thing and then went into a whole experience with drugs. Uh, you know, very young, I was just acid when I was like, 11 by friends not knowing and, you know, didn't didn't like that, but it definitely was an experience. So then, you know, I grew up in Alaska, it was the Wild West. So I was, you know, out with my English teachers dancing on the weekends till the wee hours and, you know, teaching my biology teacher how to disco dance after school. I mean, it was all just crazy, you know. And then, you know, I ended up later in a relationship with an abusive partner, who, you know, lured me in as a young 20 something, he was in the music business, and I was an unexpressed musicians, so I had that shadow attraction. And, you know, it was very intoxicating, because it was all you know, it was like David Bowie tickets, or Tina Turner on tour with Yes, or, you know, Tears for Fears, or Elton John, or, you know, just name it. So it was all very heavy and weird. And I wasn't in love with him. I was in love with the musicians and the music. And it just ended up being a seven year journey, karmic Hell, where I was physically beaten. And, you know, not all the time, just when things got rough. Here, it's like, it's like this cycle. Yeah, right. It's like, you know, part of the time I was like, a goddess, other time. So and I was young, you know, going through my experience, I had that experience and that could have killed me. I could have, you know, I could have had children with him, which would have been, you know, a whole nother trajectory. You know, thank God and Heaven that didn't happen. And then I you know, I met him France who rescued me literally, and had two boys with him. And it was the best eight and a half years of my life romantic, you know, bliss. And then, you know, my friend's son drown at age four. I, you know, built a couple of houses, basically, put my heart and soul and risked everything and, you know, did things that normal people wouldn't do probably just risked a lot of financial stuff. Got married again, and a spiritual world concert, went through a nine year financial collapse with my current husband and my children. That's probably the one that alchemize me the most, into understanding the play of this life, you know, letting go of things like bank accounts, or health insurance or having cars repossessed. And you know, and living in a very privileged, you know, Western society. So, you know, there's a lot of other life experiences that are different than that. But in my own station of life, which I know we all are exactly where we are meant to be. It's not an accident, it's nothing to apologize for it is my evolutionary path. And I've been many things and many lifetimes and, you know, suffered all kinds of horror as we all have, and, and also experienced immense blessings as well. So, yeah, so I don't know. I mean, all of it is, right, every moment of it is, you know, giving birth being a mom to four kids, you know, everything, every single thing of life, you know, creating music and, and doing it from this devotion in this connection, where your produces this prayer, sort of, you know, that literally is one of the most beautiful things I ever experienced in my life. So, a whole life is a is an experience. And I think one of the things that I learned is I thought I was going to be doing everything that I'm about to be doing when I was 30. And I'm just turned 59. So, yeah, it took a long time. And I was frustrated and impatient, and then thought I was crazy. Like, why do I think this scenario is going to be happening? And yet it's not happening. So yeah, life is, is full of many experiences. And, and if we're blessed, we apply divine perspectives to all of those experiences. And in that, we experience immense evolution.

Megan Swan 32:49

Wow. So of all of that one specific follow up question on everything you just said. Did you have this enlightened perspective? At what point were you applying such an enlightened perspective to all of these experiences?

Julie Piatt 33:08

Well, I definitely had an awareness when I was very, like a baby. Like, I remember being in a crib waiting for someone to come and get me out. It was like the observer was just alive. Like, I'm a lot. And I'm in this baby body. And somebody, please come and pick me up and take me out. So I had a lot of, I was watching. I watched, I observed for years as a kid. Almost like I just, I was like, I was waiting. I was waiting to be old enough to leave so that I could go do what I needed to do and bless my parents like they, they are good people, they they they loved us. They fed us. They took care of us. I had four intense brothers and sisters, you know, we I had I had a good childhood, I just didn't have a childhood where anyone understood me. And I think that's an that's not their fault. It's a frequency of certain ones of us that come in with that chip. And we incarnate in these families and it's like it's not like the storybook like idyllic. Like it's always this totally misunderstood. And I think that's just classic for what we would call a star seed. Very common,

Megan Swan 34:32

huh. That resonates a lot. So can you tell us a little bit about your other project and how at what what was the timing of water Tiger versus Shree moon, your passion for plant based cheeses are

Julie Piatt 34:49

so well, you know, again, I've always been trying to reconcile the fact that everything is a spiritual mission for me. So And in the business world because I had a fashion collection before I had to play both roles and like hide, you know and not and not be open and not share. And that always felt like, you know, unfulfilling. Just not quite it. So, I mean Sriman came off this organic journey basically I never had on I'm an entrepreneur. I've done many, many things in my life and I love creating I am definitely a creator, a generator on the human design. So, and I did have one about one cookbook. Funny enough. I was raised in Alaska and Nobu, the famous Nobu had his first restaurant in Alaska and I had sushi for the first time at Nobu in Alaska. I don't know, I can't remember if it was called No, boo. It ended up burning in a fire. But later on, I have this beautiful architectural home that is my sacred sanctuary. It's called Jai house. And I built it with I took all the risk to build it, I had really not the means to live your pay for it. And, and so I built this with, you know, total devotion ceremony, you know, and it's ended up being one of the most photographed houses of the decade, both in architecture in interiors, and you know, health and wellness. And it's been on a bunch of covers, the telling the British GQ, Rob report are correct this type of thing. And that is directly attributed to the devotion that I put in the house. Because every single I lived on the land and a teepee with my kids and an Airstream my kids in Reg, and every concrete pour, I was pouring blessings into the house. Every you know, we have objects hidden. You know, when we broke ground, I was on my knees and my boys took a shovel of dirt and poured it over my head. Like I meant it wasn't laying around. And I was just laid out offering my body in my life and devotion to this force, you know, in this magnificent experience. So I'm forgetting the question.

Megan Swan 37:23

Sriman. Back to

Julie Piatt 37:25

Oh, yeah. So So I did, I had a book that I did buy, and I was like, oh, someday, someday there'll be a cookbook associated with this house. And I bought this Nobu book because it's very modern, it like look really groovy. And even though it's not plant based, and I don't know that I was even fully plant based at that time, because I was working with iron VEDA to heal this cyst that was in the front of my neck. So whenever I just took the book and put it away for 10 years in a cupboard. And then I went through this healing with a thyroglossal duct cyst in my neck that I, I decided to not have it surgically removed and work with iron VEDA. And I did a very interesting experience where I took the smelly herbs, and put paste on my neck every night. And everyone thought I was crazy. And they were sending me letters and sending me articles and warning me and all this, and I just knew that I was going to heal it and my physician did as well. So anyway, my body healed itself using mostly a plant based diet and these amazing herbs. And then shortly after that, rich had an experience where he finally started to get into his health. And he became a plant based endurance athlete. And our agreement was he was just like, hey, I want to do this race, and it's double Ironman, and I know nothing about sports. And I don't care either. So I was like, great. I was like, You should do that. I've no idea what that means. So our agreement was he could train all week. But when he came home, he had to take the kids. I mean, the girls were still really little at that time. So we came in one day, and I handed in our youngest, and as I passed him in the kitchen, I was on my way to the studio to go record music with my boys. And he said to me, you know, I just ran a marathon. And I was like, actually had no idea. So from that moment, I was like, you know, he's really trying to do something and I can really cook for him every day and just have this massive spread for him. So he had gone vegan. So I started cooking vegan for him, and we were just trying recipes. And that's how I got into food or if that was the portal of how I got into food. So when later on, you know, we would in fact begin to be realized we were on the road There's no edge either either to be completely annihilated or we were going to realize all of our dreams. I am finished our first published cookbook with Random House called The Power way and I done a very basic cheese section. And it's just whenever I made that cheese, like I couldn't even get the plates to the table, and they would be devoured. So I decided against a lot of advice that I was going to work on cheese. And then I ended up publishing, selling a book called this cheese's nuts, also with Random House, my first solo book. So I created these recipes. And I went into this exploration as an artist, you know, it was a beautiful, creative demonstration of the fact that there are many ways to do things in life, if we will only be open and have the odd wonder of a child. I didn't look at what other people had done. I tried stuff. And I was like, let me try this. Let me try this. There was a lot of failures actually, in the cheese life. I don't I at the time, I didn't I didn't have many failures and recipes ever. But she's was a different thing or not cheese was a different thing. But in the end, I was completely floored by what I was able to create with these recipes. A shocked actually how they taste cheesy, creamy, full body yummy, and they don't have the gross vegan preservative, you know, vomit in your mouth quality that most countries have. And then I had some really dear friends from Europe who kept begging me I mean, they were just beg me for the cheese and come over Do you have any, you know, are men really they encouraged me to start a company and because I've been in fashion before and had suffered the experience of closing a company after having it for many years and working so hard, and also experiencing the waste that was incurred by that fashion company. I took a long time to decide, and Rich was worried he kept saying Hurry up, hurry up. So I decided to do it as an art as an art offering and made it as beautiful as I wanted. I worked with this amazing artists, Brian Ohara, who has written and read backwards his entire life and he uses sacred phrases they will reverse somebody create a coating. And if we're videoing, this is one of his pieces behind me it's water Tiger, but so the branding of Shri mu is devotional offerings for life. It's Shree mu do life, not cheese. And the do stands for devotional offering. So a Brian to this beautiful braiding, which is on the on the sharing of packaging, and it says devotional offering in reverse and it makes its own modern hieroglyph. So Sriman, for me as a mission of global awakening, I discovered that food is a very sacred transmission of activation. It is in fact a ritual experience that we engage in all the time, and that I could activate this union with nature. to infuse this experience into whoever eats it or ingests ingest it. To stream is a primarily subscription offering. We have many offerings now, all from our luxurious sacred box that has fresh mozzarella and smoked almond chatter all the way to two wheel aged wheel box that I did a cute little Beegees ad to reach recently. It's a perfect clutch size, it's it would be like a really groovy clutch. When I saw it, I was like this is the perfect clutch. But anyway, so there's a lot of offerings. It's quite an experience and quite blown away by my reviews of my community and my customers. You can subscribe for three months, six months or 12 months. And anyway, so it's been an amazing experience. And it is the portal to a greater humanitarian work that I am involved with now. And so srimuang is on her way to be a global entity and you know, a very viable business worth hundreds of millions of dollars. And the end game or the focus the divine focus is to fund the sacred temples in northern Italy. They are future plans to be a living Akashic record for all the indigenous DNA on this planet. And that is important because this planet is about the celebration of all life. There have been very As peoples that have not been given a fair and equal voice to be heard, and all of our life forms on this planet, make up the thriving life, which is our original dream, our original blueprint. And so this living Akashic record will draw all this frequency to a very special point that is a power field that influences the entire planet. It has these synchronic lines that traveled through the mountains, it's at the foot of the Alps in northern Italy, in a spiritual community called Domine. Her. So this transmits to the entire planet at an amplified level, and also beyond this realm. So it is one of the most beautiful missions, one that is connected to my life. And it is with the Federation of Dominica, they have been existing in Northern Italy for 47 years, and they have built temples to humankind, inside a mountain in secret, it's over 6000 square meters, is considered the eighth wonder of the world by the Italian government. And it was created by a very magical being, beloved Falco, taseko. He had his first meditation school in Torino, when he was 22. And he has led and inspire this group of beautiful people to continue this mission for the planet, really, for humanity, for animals for the earth, for the mineral kingdom, for all the species on the planet. So it's very heavy, what I said to you, so if you're listening to this, and you're like, what, that sounds crazy, please go look up domande, her dot foundations, take a tour of the temples and see the validity. You know, I was talking to them recently, I recently became initiated into their community. It's about 1000 members, and then many members around the world. But I told them, I said, Ah, you guys, I was like you make, it's so easy to advocate for you. And they were cheering and they were like, thank you. Because, you know, they've been living in community for 47 years, it's not easy to live in community, you know. And so, anyway, it's something I'm obviously very passionate about. It's the why, behind much of what I do. So Sri Moo is one of those frequencies. My music is another one of those water Tiger, which is connected to movement. So I'm teaching yoga and their spontaneous movement that is being birthed out of that, because there is a language that our body says when it is in different forms and moving. And then the last thread of that I have for four tracks that I'm working on, is this community, Jai seed, it's a new educational community that I failed up many times unschooling, my children, but I have a memoir, and I have a whole system, and at the right time, that is a thing. So it's now it's kind of like all the communities are sort of merging together. So Jai seed, which is the unschool is merging with Sri mu is merging with water Tiger. So I'm sure at one point it will become a one thing. But for right now I'm, I'm, I'm in the divine expression of many different things.

Megan Swan 48:38

Wow, so beautiful. Did you foresee it being that way that it would all come together at some point?

Julie Piatt 48:45

Um, I don't think I did, actually, consciously. Um, and I mean, oh, life is getting so beautiful right now, the awarenesses. And the, I'm receiving messages about things I did 20 years ago. And what the alchemical meaning is today, through our music, ceremonies, things that I did things that I set in motion. And another thing that I think is helpful for people to remember is that it takes a life to become, and in our culture, I think we're looking for that high success at like age 30, the one that's in the magazines, or the one that sort of put forth, you know, and the reality is, is that if we're in a lot if we're alive, and we're in a body, we're here because we have something to express or something to experience. It doesn't have to be big, it doesn't have to be public at all. It could be secret, like you know, that every single life form is being honored equally. You know, it's like the sun shining without cessation just shining, doesn't add it. But it takes some life to become and now Oh, that I'm in my last year of my 50s I'm starting to have an inkling that our bodies are going to evolve in a very expansive way. And I feel that I will experience things in my body, that at this moment in time, it is believed to be an impossibility. So I know my death date in my Vedic chart, I finagle that like true out of a Vedic Astrologer named Chakrapani, in a very hilarious way. So according to that planet, 24 years left in this body. And just recently, like, just yesterday, I was like, wow, the life on this planet is going to become so magnificent, because we are reclaiming these things that have been ripped away from us that for the first time, I thought, hmm, yeah, I might want to not leave that soon. Whereas before, I would be like, okay, just let me get all my work done. So I can Peace out, you know, just get it all done. But yeah, different different experience. And one of my, one of my dear, dear allies, talking about how we used to have as a normal way, a 200 year lifespan. And of course, that's been hidden and changed. And, you know, I mean, you hear about it, you hear about ancient Yogi's that live 600 700 years, you know, at least in my circles, you know, you hear of certain peoples that live connected to nature that live very, very long, you know, so that that may sound crazy to the common culture, whatever right now, but just go ahead and think I'm crazy, and then just stay tuned and how events unfold in the next five years. You know, it's, it's so funny, somebody said, yesterday, I was on an interview, actually, with Wayne, Dyer's girls, Serena, and she was talking about how when, you know, no one had rent run a four minute mile, you know, it was like, impossible. You know, and then somebody ran it, sorry, for sports people and so bad, like, I should know those names. But somebody broke that record. And then everyone ran a four minute mile. So it's this thing of, yeah, I saw something just on online recently, where they were showing this galaxy formation that looked like a huge chalice with like, some ray coming out of it. And the, the explanation was that this size of the galaxy was, had broken the mold on what the entire space awareness is on Galaxy. So they're like, now that this exists, it cancels out everything that we thought was true before. So you know, we're at that moment. And so I think we should have minimal mirrors around us. I talk about internalizing, I'm not aging, I'm internalizing, not trying to be 20. I mean, realizing into the divinity of who I am, that's part of letting my hair grow gray. And, you know, my commitment to my movement and vibrancy and energetic work. It's not about chasing youth in a human form. It's about becoming a Universal Creator. So I'm eternalized thing. I love that I think that is, you know, all in it's within all of our original life prints. Were all potentially divine, if we activate that will, if we choose it. It's not just there, by default, you have to step on train, so to speak. So, which is full of lots of different qualities of life experiences, it's certainly not easy. Not all the time. But it's the most meaningful, definitely, in my opinion. Definitely.

Megan Swan 54:31

Well, I hope that you're here for at least another 59 years on this planet eternalize and internalizing. Thank you so much for being with us today. Is there anything else you wanted to share? Of course, I'll have all of the ways that people can connect with you and your projects in the show notes.

Julie Piatt 54:49

I guess I would like to share one more thing, you know, coming into the embodiment of the communities merging. So I Very quickly, I went through a year and a half exploration of speaking with large money funds of various types, partners, venture funds, different things, you know, plant based news movement is exploding. But what I'm doing is I after all that time of like a year and three months of work, I had taken about 60 meetings and only saw four women in the entire 60 meetings, which is just shocking. Anyway, but even after I got there, I turned down an offer of 1.5 million, which was a thing, I've never done that before. But I was like, Okay, I'm just gonna sit with the fact that somebody offered me 1.5, but I'm not going to take it. And then I just remembered, I had another track also an IPO possibility, whole train craziness. No, I just remember, I'm an alchemist. And I came here for the wild magic carpet ride. Everything I do is multi layered, it affects different levels of life forms simultaneously in a beneficial way, hopefully, and, and so I decided to create a financial raise in an alchemical way, my way, the way that I experienced life. And so I am doing a 3.3 million rays. We have a valuation of 13 million. And I'm calling together a founder circle, a very specific beans that are interested in serving the planet in the ways that I've shared in this podcast. And so that's one sort of, um, I envision this group, it's, you know, small, maybe 13 people that are going to be and so the minimum investment would be 250,000, something like that. So those people would come together, and we not only would Stuart srimuang into this global mission, but there will be other things that are ignited because of the level of being that are gathering with this level of intention. So I'm not promising you an ROI. I'm not promising you an old paradigm business platform. I'm offering you an experience for an evolutionary mission that will change your life forever, and, and all of those around you. Now as a sub of that we are introducing something called a luminary program is Shree mu, where we are inviting people to host cheese parties, not cheese parties, in their communities, in their safe bubble in their extended families and communities. And they get 33% off of the actual cheese, and then 10% of any subscriptions that they sell for a year. So if anybody's interested in being a luminary for streamer, and being a part of this experience, you can email do life at Sri Sri

Megan Swan 58:22

Awesome. And at this point, that's only in the US. And I know it's going to be

Julie Piatt 58:28

Canada, Canada.

Megan Swan 58:30

Yeah. Amazing. Well, I'll sign my mom back up again, then. Yay. This has been so precious to me. Thank you so much for sharing all your wisdom. And I just love how you you speak. And you think, and I think it's just universal alignment that all your projects are coming together to expand even further.

Julie Piatt 58:57

So, again, thanks. Thanks so much love.

Megan Swan 59:02

Well, I'll be seeing you in water Tiger. And I'll be sharing all of the information to connect with trees.

Julie Piatt 59:08

And yeah, just really quick, if I can just say, so water Tiger is only $33 a month. Some people have asked me to make sure that I say that so people understand that it's accessible. So you can check it out stream 30 techniques. And

Megan Swan 59:30

they've been I'll just quickly mention that for me, you're saying like it was important that you are curating the content, but I think it's also really important that it is a group of like minded individuals and how you really feel that sense of community on the calls.

Julie Piatt 59:49

Definitely, and community moving forward is going to be our greatest asset. So you know, and when we think that we fortified on the hall yesterday we I think we did two or three prayers or meditations and gathered we strung garlin sacred Garland's for ourselves and observation of fluid Nima the glitter within each one of us and it does carry energy even if we don't know each other we don't you know we're not talking directly you guys aren't all talking directly but that alignment with on part of water Tiger net now water Tiger is what's behind me and you know Brian of all of his work that he's done he would not do a heart this heart emerged spontaneously out of him riding water Tiger water Tiger water Tiger water Tiger, you know, that's, that's what it is. So anyway, it's I think it's gonna be fun, I think we have to remember it's a really, really beautiful time on the planet. And also remember to celebrate and find the joy and get out of the drama of the Armageddon because it's not going to happen. So some people are taking transit during this time, it is a real, very real thing. You know, we have deep compassion and presence and love and grace for everyone suffering. And also understand we are eternal beings, that there are many different systems of life, that there are teams of guardians that are taking care of many of these people that are transitioning, and not all of us are going to stay for what we're about to experience on the planet. And that's all beautiful, all of it is divine. So if you've had a loved one who has transitioned, choose to see them in their divinity as a powerful creator, and not as a victim. You couldn't you can love them into expansion wherever they are, by choosing to hold that experience for them. And if they have left their body, that is the most positive thing you can do for them. So I hope you got some morsels of support from this podcast and Meghan, it's so sweet to see you and I look forward to exchanging more with you down the path. Thank you so much. Thanks, love Namaste

Megan Swan 1:02:11