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Hi, I'm Megan.

Mindset + Wellness Coach

I started my journey to a healthier lifestyle a decade ago when I was training to be a yoga instructor.  I moved towards a plant-based diet and learned how to breathe.  Just with these few changes I noticed my asthma went away and my annual incidence of bronchitis as well.  At the time I thought it was all thanks to yoga, but I now see what I was consuming and how had completely changed and that these things have a great impact, more so that we often are aware.  


Since then I felt I was on a good path but still frustrated with my mood swings and how I felt like I was failing as a mother because I didn't always feel happy or balanced emotionally.  I could see my addiction to sugar and wine was a factor but I wasn't ready to fully accept the changes I needed to make until I began studying to be a health coach.  As a health coach I have learned first hand how these things affect our mind, body and spirit.  I have now quit sugar and stopped drinking alcohol.  It has dramatically improved my physical and emotional wellbeing and most importantly my patience with my children.  I look for ways to inspire others to take better care of themselves and I think you have to start with yourself and hope to inspire your loved ones to do the same.

As your health coach I will support and guide you to clearly define your health goals.  We will then work together to form new healthy habits that support your goals.  We have a natural desire to be healthy, our bodies are very intelligent and will gravitate towards a healthier lifestyle.  In the sea of information on diet and wellness, as your health coach I will help you navigate through all the information and find the best foods for your body in order to feel satisfied, happy and full of energy.  We will work to integrate all aspects of lifestyle including nutrition, physical activity, relationships, career, and spirituality to align with your goals.


Understanding digestion and gut health is essential to our natural energy levels, mood, immunity + long term health.


Lack of nutrients, rest, sleep, and physical activity are common reasons we feel depleted of energy.  


An powerful tool we can use to reset, reset, and tune into our body's natural intelligence so that

you can find freedom from food + eat intuitively.  

Women's Health

What we eat has a direct impact on our hormones, often times we are living with hormonal imbalances simply because we are not eating right for our body or honouring our biorhythms.

Weight Loss

Supporting our bodies with delicious sustenance, sleep and movement is the best way to find your ideal weight.


Learning how seemingly trivial changes in our daily habits can have dramatic affects on our stress levels and in turn improve our sleep quality and food cravings.


"The results spoke for themselves. I lost weight and feel much better cutting out dairy and (fake) sugars. 

I now have a truly peaceful morning routine, diet guidelines and a better awareness of what to look for in food choices.  I learned a great deal about how diet is tied to our brain health and what we put in our bodies is so very important. "

— TT

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