Helping ambitious women have more energy naturally + find next level confidence.

Hi, I'm Megan.

Mindset + Wellness Coach

I help women obtain new levels of energy naturally + sustainably so they can show up for themselves, be more present and live their best lives.  

​Before I worked with a Health Coach I was an exhausted Mom barely getting through my days.  I was living in a rinse and repeat cycle that left me depressed, negative and judgemental about almost everything.  Since becoming a certified Health and Wellness Coach I have experienced a dramatic transformation.  Through a plant-based, non-toxic lifestyle I have found clarity, natural energy, a deeper sense of connection and fulfillment in my life.  

My Sustainable Integrative Wellness Approach dives deep to provide an energetic overall of your diet, mindset, work/life balance and lifestyle so we can find a sustainable and integrative solution that works perfectly for you. 

Check out my new Mini-Course on How to Wake Up Well Rested + Full of Energy:

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The results spoke for themselves. I lost weight and feel much better cutting out dairy and (fake) sugars. 

I now have a truly peaceful morning routine, diet guidelines and a better awareness of what to look for in food choices.  I learned a great deal about how diet is tied to our brain health and what we put in our bodies is so very important.


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191 Boulevard Comitan, Colonia Moctezuma, Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas, Mexico

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