I designs custom, approachable wellness lifestyles for the ambitious woman.

Hi, I'm Megan.

Mindset + Wellness Coach

I design custom, approachable wellness lifestyles for the ambitious woman. 


I help women optimize their wellness through nutrition, mindfulness, mindset and movement so that they can feel the confidence and magnetic energy to accomplish their dreams and stop playing small.

I am a certified IIN Health Coach, Plant-Based Chef, Detox Expert, Certified Yoga Teacher with over 10 years of integrative wellness experience.

​For me optimal wellness is a lifestyle, not a quick fix.  Shifting our habits so dramatically that they become who we are requires an identity shift - which requires a shift in mindset.  Together we will clarify your bigger 'why' in life so that the way you are living your life aligns with who you really want to be, how you want to live + what you truly want to accomplish in life. 

It takes ENERGY to show up as our best self and live out our biggest dream. 

My Sustainable Integrative Wellness Approach dives deep to provide an energetic overall of your diet, mindset, work/life balance and life so we can find a custom, approachable wellness lifestyle that works perfectly for you. 

I am extremely intuitive, a pure empath and a natural energy genius.  


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The results spoke for themselves. I lost weight and feel much better cutting out dairy and (fake) sugars. 

I now have a truly peaceful morning routine, diet guidelines and a better awareness of what to look for in food choices.  I learned a great deal about how diet is tied to our brain health and what we put in our bodies is so very important.


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