10 Ways to Celebrate without Alcohol + Why being Sober is Sexy

  • 2021-08-18 14:00:00 By
  • Megan Swan

After being sober for 3 + years here are some cool things I have come across:

1. Daybreaker Morning Dance Events


2. Non-alcoholic Alternatives.

One we love based our of Calgary, Alberta:

Sexy AF Spirits are handcrafted, Global Plant Based Certified and botanically infused without the use of any ingredients that may contain alcohol, making Sexy AF a great choice if you are looking for a spirit that is : 0.00% Alcohol, Plant Based, Vegan, Allergen free, Gluten free, Sugar free, Low calorie, Low carb

Staying Sober or Sober Curious?

Sexy AF Spirits contain botanical extracts that are infused into our end product, making Sexy AF 30% BBV (Botanicals by Volume) as compared to other non-alcoholic spirits that may contain up to 1% alcohol and 99% water.


3. Extreme sports!

Do something a bit crazy but sober!! Such a better rush and you will remember every detail. Rock climbing? Rafting? Distance swimming in deep waters? Train for a ½ marathon? Advanced hiking? Paragliding? Waterskiing? Rappelling?

4. Zip lining Upside Down or Yoga Inversions

Hanging upside down and flying above the trees has become one of my favourite pastimes. Inversions help stimulate your pineal gland as well, which is your '3rd Eye' gland or your window into all consciousness.

5. Private Zumba class, a Reiki Infused Mediation or a group Tarot Card Party?!

Round up some friends and put it on the big screen at home.

6. Spa day.

On the opposite side of the spectrum we often use wine to ‘power down’ when in fact it really doesn’t do so on a cellular level. Why not use that saved money you aren’t spending on wine for a weekly massage or facial? Make it social and go with a friend or partner.

7. Mocktails class!

Or any class you have been meaning to start up but haven’t had ‘time’ even though you have time to drink a glass of wine 4+ hours a week? Art? Sculpture? Gardening? Botany? History? Design? Robotics? Tango? Tai Chi?

8. Run/walk + juice bar meet up!

This is so much easier and more enjoyable when you find your people! Find someone to socialize with in the early hours of the day. Your partner? Friend? New friend you meet on the trail? Or maybe just meet up with yourself to get some much needed fresh air and personal space away from the demands of the household. Juice bars are so amazing by the way!

9. Cacao Ceremony.

Psst….the Mayans were on to something! Also the Spanish brought over sugar, the Mayans drank their hot chocolate with just water + 100% cacao. They knew it’s superfood properties to raise your vibration + mood without the crash that coffee gives you. Try it, you can drink cacao tea or grind cacao nibs with hot water to serve. It is bitter like coffee but also so delicious. You can get really into it by looking for someone in your city that does cacao ceremonies or just have your own self care ceremony each morning.

I Tried a Heart-Opening Ancient Cacao Ceremony and Learned an Unexpected Lesson About Love: https://www.wellandgood.com/cacao-ceremony/

10. Self-pleasure.

As I mentioned last week Sober Sex is amazing, and I think honestly I have always self-pleasured when sober...but I certainly do it more now that I have all this extra energy! Self-pleasure is so empowering, healthy + a great stress reliever! Check this little gem of a store out for some inspiration, run by Body Image Activist and creator Rosie Rees: Yoni Pleasure Palace.

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Sober Curious? Love to chat about it with you. I challenge you to tell me your story. I’ll show you how we can celebrate, have fun and have a deep chat without alcohol.