10 Benefits of Stepping Out of Victim Mentality

  • 2021-08-25 14:00:00 By
  • Megan Swan

10 Benefits of Staying Stuck in Your Limiting Beliefs vs. 10 Benefits of Changing Your Limiting Beliefs

For decades I was stuck in my limiting beliefs, tied to my victim narrative, driven by sarcasm, a negative worldview and a feeling of entitlement to my sad story.

Then I had children and started to see that if I didn't find it in myself to change my attitude and actually face my pain instead of numbing it for another 20 years I was just going to repeat the patterns that had been passed on to me.

So I got sober.

This allowed me to be much more aware of my thought patterns and feel more in control of my life.

This was an essential step but just the beginning of my unraveling.

I am still uncovering the depths of my pain through inner child work + working with a conscious relationship coach.

I am choosing to do the work.

We all have limiting beliefs, and they will always pop back up when you least expect it, but when you choose to break up with them they have less power over you and little by little you find new levels of freedom + confidence in who you always knew you were capable of being.

10 Benefits of staying stuck in you limiting beliefs:

  1. Sticking to your powerful victim story
  2. Self-pity
  3. Getting to be “right”
  4. Sympathy
  5. Easier than changing
  6. Feeds + fuels your emotional + neurochemical addiction to that narrative
  7. Great excuse for NOT doing something
  8. Ego stays in control
  9. Avoid facing your fears
  10. It seems safe

10 Benefits of changing your limiting beliefs:

  1. Freedom
  2. Improved health + immune system
  3. You look younger
  4. You get to grow
  5. New boundaries
  6. New opportunities based on who you are becoming
  7. New relationships based on who you are becoming
  8. New worldview
  9. Clean slate to create something better than you have ever imagined
  10. New level of confidence is earned

Are you interested in breaking up with some of your limiting beliefs that are holding you back from embodying that version of you you know deep down you dream of becoming and were always capable of becoming? Are you ready to take that leap? It takes ENERGY to show up as our best self and live out our biggest dream.

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