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I would highly recommend working with Megan.  #fivestars

It’s simple: We don’t know what we don’t  know.  I was in need of help - self care ideas and guidance in my health and wellness.  I am truly blessed to have found Megan Swan Wellness.  The results spoke for themselves. I lost weight and feel much better cutting out dairy and (fake) sugars. 

I now have a truly peaceful morning routine, diet guidelines and a better awareness of what to look for in food choices.  I learned a great deal about how diet is tied to our brain health and what we put in our bodies is so very important.  I would highly recommend working with Megan.  #fivestars



There are always moments in life that mark you, but you don't know until you live them.

I never thought that I was going to need psychological therapy; I always considered myself a strong, focused person, capable of controlling my mind and my emotions, and that's how it was, so I did, until suddenly I couldn't take it anymore. My emotions dominated me, and my mind could no longer process what was happening inside me. I knew what I needed to do about it, beyond antidepressants and anxiolytics, far beyond the stimulus / response cycle that life becomes when you just wait for your next dose to feel confident in everything that will be alright.


Always, in everything, there is a before and an after, a "something" that changes everything. For me, for my life, for my soul, Megan was that "something". She was what I needed to reorder myself, to get to know myself again, to do something to heal the emotions and actions with which, in silence, I was sabotaging myself. Her guidance and intuition gave me the inspiration I needed to appreciate my value as a woman and as an individual, to love myself as I am and to know that mind, body and spirit are the same thing when you are looking for a happy and balanced life.




I had a wonderful time putting in practice little changes that made a huge difference in my day by day.

It was all about learning to take care of me again, and I fully recommend taking advantage of all her knowledge. 

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It has been life-changing.

I really liked Megan's approach because she was not judgmental and made it a safe space to share all my challenges.  My biggest transformation was that I can’t go back to bad habits because now I’m conscious of what my body and mind need to stay healthy and calm.  I have so much more energy after switching to plant-based eating. I thought eating more vegan food was going to be hard and that I would feel deprived but in fact I feel happy and now have energy throughout the day until the kids go to bed.  It has been life-changing.


I learned to accept the pace at which I thrive.

Megan helped me gain the mindset and energy I needed to take action and have faith that I would get my dream job.  With her support I worked hard and I got the job.  I am learning new things everyday and feeling more fulfilled than I have in a very long time.  I feel like I am in another dimension now than I was 6 months ago.  It is clear to me now that I have more energy, feel more alive, aware, and awake when I don’t eat meat.  All that said, a big part of it was learning to accept myself fully, and accept the pace at which I thrive. 

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WIth gratitude!

As a busy mom I have come to realize that my morning routines and diet have a tremendous effect in my overall health and peace of mind. I was looking for guidance in order to include meditation in my morning routine, cut sugar and processed food from my diet and find effective and respectful ways to influence my daughter and my mom when it comes to their dietary habits. Finding Megan has been a blessing, she has guided me so far for two weeks, providing me with precious advice and tools, and the results have been fantastic. We are working now on reinforcing what I have accomplished, and setting new goals for my next stage.



She believed in me and now I believe in myself too.

Thanks to Megan I finally regained my confidence that was buried in me since becoming a mother. I was stuck and she helped me explore my options which got me out of there. With proper mindset coaching and action plan I managed to make my dream of writing a recipe book come true. During a few months of working with Megan I achieved more than in the last few years! She believed in me and now I believe in myself too. She gave me the right tools to keep myself accountable for ME and now I’m able to keep the ball rolling. Thank you Megan, you truly had a huge impact on the quality of my life.



Thanks so much for working with me.

Megan supported and guided me towards making life changes that I had been trying to change for a long time. She helped me cut back on caffeine and include more fresh food in my diet in a way that was easily incorporated into my grab and go lifestyle. My sleep quality greatly improved making waking up in the morning no longer a battle and my skin cleared up. Through working with Megan I came to be aware of what boundaries I need in my life to feel empowered and avoid feelings of resentment.

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