Reenergize Your Household

A 6-week healing experience for working Moms, to detox your home, body and mindset to find new energy + happiness + peace of mind.

Do you wake up every morning feeling exhausted and dreaming of the day your kids sleep through the night, so you can sleep better?  Have you been waiting for that shift for years now?


Are you running on coffee, sweets and rewarding yourself with a glass of wine on a rinse and repeat cycle?  


Have you been meaning to find more time for a personal project?  


Do you feel guilty when you toy with the idea of spending time and energy on yourself? 


Do you resent every dish and sock you pick up off the floor?  


Have you ever found yourself wondering how do other women feel fulfilled in this role?  




What if I told you that there is another way to operate in the same situation, same household, same family and feel a million times more ENERGIZED and satisfied with YOUR life?  


We all deserve to feel SATISFIED.   We are all better parents and partners when we are happy, well rested and CLEAR on our PURPOSE in life.  


Reenergize Your Household is just what you need.  And the sooner, the better.


I know, I know, you think you couldn’t possibly find time to change anything.  Right?  


That it will be even more exhausting to commit to something for YOU.  NOW!  Right?




I will show you how to re-organize your precious time so that you feel less tired, more energized and fulfilled.  

You NEED to start now.  

This program is life changing.


You owe it to yourself,

and your family to commit

to reconnecting to a better you.

How can I be so sure?

I used to be you.

You are a loving Mom, deeply committed to being the best parent you can be.

You would do anything for your kids.

You are an expert on all the current parenting dilemas.


You are on information overload.  

Keeping up as the perfect parent is exhausting.  And you are never quite sure if you are doing it right.


You have tried all the fitness programs, diets, self-help, self-love, self-something crazes in an attempt to rediscover yourself and FEEL BETTER.  

Some worked, some didn’t but it was always temporary and then old habits die hard. 


You are just about ready to resign yourself to the next ten years with little or low quality sleep, foggy concentration and a body you prefer to dress strategically than address strategically.  



This program is for you if….


There is a tiny part of you that thinks there must be a better way.

You know deep down that you want more for you and your family.

You are ready to make small changes, stick with them and see and feel the big results.



There is no perfect time, in fact, the less perfect the timing the better so that you see how it works within your busy life.  It works because I will show how to incorporate the changes into YOUR LIFE so it WORKS FOR YOU.  NOW and moving forward. 



This program is a game changer - it gives YOU the tools to reset your lifestyle NOW and whenever you know you are sinking back into bad habits.  These tools are valuable for your family TODAY - but maybe even more important is that you will be instilling these same reenergizing techniques and habits into the hearts and minds of your children.




You will be given the keys to reconnect to your body’s natural intelligence.


So you can find  new happiness, energy and peace of mind.


Everything is broken down into easy steps.  The key is believing in yourself to make the change.


You will learn HOW to reenergize your household.


You will learn WHY and WHEN you need to do so.


These small incremental changes will take you from exhaustion, overwhelm and doubt 

to a reenergized clarity, fulfillment and sense of well being.




Now is the time to get your life back.


Stop just existing.

Stop compromising.

Stop feeling limited.



So that you can…

Rediscover the joy in the little things in life.

Reconnect with your children.

Reconnect with your partner.


Reenergize your life.

Reenergize your home.




Here’s what you’ll get

Re energized Your Household 


8 weeks 


We will be detoxing:

  1. Your body 

  2. Your morning + self-care

  3. Your shopping cart 

  4. Your kitchen + cleaning 

  5. Your attitude - social media + media detox 

  6. Your mindset

  7. Your bedroom 

In order to:

   8. Re energize + reconnect ​

Re energize Your Household

$849 for 8 Weeks of 

-Detailed know-how on how and what to detox from you body, home and mindset

-21 day detox with support, recipes and meal plans

-Weekly calls to guide and support you 

-2 private 30 minute calls to help you apply the knowledge to YOUR situation

But wait, there's more!

For the next 48 hours you can take advantage of the special early bird price of $600 + receive an additional 1 hour private session to focus on YOU.

Introducing Reenergize Your Household

A 8-week healing experience for working Moms, to detox your home, body and mindset to find new energy + happiness + peace of mind.