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Reenergize Your Household

8-week group coaching Program for moms who are ready to prioritize their health but don't feel like they have the extra time or energy to do so.  



Support for Busy Moms to Establish Healthy Routines

Do you wake up every morning feeling exhausted, thinking you can't continue existing in survival mode because you KNOW it is negatively affecting your physical and mental health?


Are you running on coffee, sweets and rewarding yourself with a glass of wine on a rinse and repeat cycle?  

Are the kids just eating whatever they want because right now it is easier? 

What if I told you that there is another way to operate in the same situation, same household, same family and feel a million times more ENERGIZED and satisfied with YOUR life?  

I will teach you how to integrate small changes that have big impact in the long run on your family's health without taking time out of your busy schedule.   Not to mention leaving you with even more energy to be present with your amazing kids!     


Reenergize Your Household: Support for Busy Moms to Establish Healthy Routines is just what you need.  

And the sooner, the better.

I know, I know, you think you couldn’t possibly find time to change anything.  Right?  


That it will be even more exhausting to commit to something more.  NOW!?  Right?




I will show you how to re-organize your time & incorporate a plant-based diet so that you feel less tired, more energized and fulfilled.  

You NEED this, and you need it now.

You owe it to yourself,

and your family to commit

to start working towards a

healthier routine.

How can I be so sure you

won't regret this?

I used to be you.

MEGAN -1629.jpg

You are a loving Mom, deeply committed to being the best parent you can be.

You would do anything for your kids.

You are an expert on all the current parenting dilemas.


But you are on information overload.  

Trying to keep up as the perfect parent is exhausting.  And you are sure deep down there is more you could be doing but you just can't imagine fitting ONE MORE THING into your day.

This program is for you if…

  • Being everything to everyone right now is extremely overwhelming and you know you need support.  

  • You know you want to feel differently, but need help establishing new routines.

  • You know deep down that you want more for you and your family but you just can’t find the time.

  • You are willing to make small changes, stick with them to see and feel big results that are key to lasting health impact. 

  • You are looking for ways to naturally boost your family's immune system.

Introducing Re-energize Your Household

8-week group coaching program for moms who are ready to prioritize their health but don't feel like they have the extra time or energy to do so.

 This is a SIMPLE, and EASY ROADMAP.


How to create and sustain healthy habits for you and your family.


Learn to reconnect to your body’s natural intelligence, listen to your cravings and teach your kids to do the same.


Inspiration on how and why to incorporate more plant-based options into your week.


Weekly meal plans + recipes to show you how energizing healthy eating is for everyone.


Delicious foods that support your kids digestion, immunity, sleep + mood and how to integrate them.


Tried and true strategies to get your kids to eat more veggies over time.


How to empower your kids to make healthy choices for themselves now and for a lifetime.  


How to incorporate gluten-free meals and healthy desserts into your household.

Now is the time to make this shift.

You willRediscover the joy in the little things in life.

So that you show up for your children in new ways.

Hi, nice to see you here!

I'm Megan Swan, a mom of two beautiful boys, Mindset + Wellness Coach that specializes in helping women find more energy naturally through a plant-based diet, mindfulness practices and self-care.  I am passionate about the power of plants and teaching other Moms how to easily integrate small changes that will have big impact long term on their health, wellness and joy in their lives so that they can enjoy showing up everyday for their families.

my mother’s day was a perfect Sunday lik

This program is a game changer - it gives YOU the tools to reset your lifestyle NOW and whenever you know you are sinking back into bad habits.  These tools are valuable for your family TODAY - but maybe even more important is that you will be instilling these same reenergizing techniques and habits into the hearts and minds of your children.


I will teach you how to tune into your body’s natural intelligence and allow your kids to do the same, deconstruct your cravings so you can find new sources of happiness, energy and peace of mind.


Everything is broken down into easy steps.  You don't even need to believe in yourself to make the change because I will help you with that to - simple strategies.  I've got you.


You will learn HOW to reenergize your household.


You will learn WHY and WHEN you need to do so.


These small incremental changes will take you from exhaustion, overwhelm and doubt to a reenergized clarity, fulfillment and sense of well being.



"The content was perfectly bite-sized and progressed nicely."


"The changes made me feel happier.  My kids even were curious to get involved."


"I have more energy throughout my day, even from 2 - 8 pm which has been life changing."


"Now I'm clear on why these habits are so important and I make sure I find the time."

 What You Will Learn: 


  1. Your kitchen: healthy shopping lists, how to revamp your pantry and prioritize the healthy routines you want to start implementing.   Superfoods, spices and ancient ingredients you can start using right away to boost immunity + energy.

  2. OUR BIORHYTHMS,  morning routines + self-care.  Why sleep and eat cycles are so important to boost our immune system and gut health.  

  3. INTUITIVE EATING, water intake, food combining and our bodies natural intelligence.  Learn how to reconnect with your natural healthy cravings, nourish from the inside out and stop stressing about food.

  4. LEARN THE MOST IMPORTANT CHANGE YOU NEED TO MAKE FOR THE LONG TERM HEALTH OF YOUR FAMILY. Become a fast expert in reading labels, prioritizing your food budget, cook less but healthier meals, and learn how to lean away from processed foods.

  5. CONNECT WITH THE BASICS of eating a plant-based diet.  Learn what food you can gradually work into your home to dramatically improve the overall health and wellness of your family.

  6. NON TOXIC home remedies and cleaning inspiration and know-how.

  7. REVAMP your current favourite recipes into super healthy masterpieces.

  8. RELAXED DINNER TIME, teaching your kids to nourish themselves in new and non-stressful ways.

  9. BONUS:  Mindful practices + how mindset to shift habits and new routines. 



payment plan

3 Easy Payments $150


8 Week Program

+ 2 Private Follow Up Coaching Sessions


This program is not for you if...

  • You are not willing to make tiny changes in your household.

  • You ONLY want a quick fix now, at the expense of a gradual sustainable solution.

  • You’d rather slog through all the health and wellness noise and figure it out on your own.

  • You want to continue existing in survival mode, even though deep down you know it is negatively affecting your physical and mental health.

course structure

Re-energize Your Household in 8 Weeks:

*Small, step-by-step changes you can make that will have big impact on the long term health and habits.

Weekly 50 min Group Coaching Calls

Private Facebook Group for Support and Community

Weekly PDF cheat sheet. 

Weekly 1-2 page reading.

Weekly Diary Writing Prompts.

Weekly Meal Plans and Recipes for the kitchen that are quick and easy.

Weekly 10-20 min Bonus Video posted in the FB Group.

Resource Vault: books, podcasts, blogs and other support resources.



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