Women’s Health is Empowerment: How leveraging your morning routine can boost your energy naturally

Updated: Jan 12

Optimal health + wellness is your responsibility.

As extremely fortunate women in the western world that have optimal health + wellness at our fingertips - I would argue that we are even more obligated to maximize that luxury because the majority of women and girls worldwide do not have access to it.


Let’s face it, your basic health needs are probably met, or maybe even over met? Are you overnourished? Or undernourished in terms of spirituality? Connection? Clarity? What is your NEXT LEVEL SELF in need of??

Investing your time into reaching your optimal health + wellness is, I would argue a responsibility. In order to be the best version of yourself you can be: for yourself, for your loved ones, for your impact on the greater good.

There is NO REASON you cannot wake up everyday with more energy, more alignment with what inspires you, and a sustainable plan to keep yourself motivated, present and operating in your highest vibration - at least accessing it!

This post might sound harsh, at any given time the tragedies of inequality are all around us - taking care of ourselves so that we can ENGAGE and IMPACT at a higher level more women and girls, sustainably I believe is our obligation. We can all do better. It is time to let up the slack and show up for ourselves and in turn the world on a higher level.

When you are feeling powerless - taking care of you is something you can do today to make the world a better place.

Self care is from the micro to macro. Literally the more you take care of your gut health - or literally you principle BOUNDARY between your inner and outer world...the more you:

Stabilize Your Mood

Instill Greater Macro Boundaries for yourself in life, and relationships.

Meaning when you start taking better care of yourself on MICRO levels there are MACRO ripple effects in your body, mind, soul, environment, community, circle of influences.

Taking better care of you has INFINITE possible impacts on the world at large.

For me this is the NEXT LEVEL of empowerment for women - OPTIMAL HEALTH + WELLNESS is a superpower we need to leverage.

First step? Master your MORNING RITUAL. Here is a great start:


If you are interested in leveraging this superpower to the next level in 2021, I am here to support you. DM Megan Swan Wellness

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