Why it is more important who you are being than what you are thinking.

“Wellness is not a state of mind, it is a state of action. It is the freedom to move through the cycles of being human.” -Burnout by Emily + Amelia Nagoski

There is so much to unpack in this one point….

It helps to have some anchors, sign posts that remind you that you are on the right track or WAY off it - these could be anything...for some of us it's our favourite jeans, for others it's how we feel when we wake up in the morning. Am I psyched to get out of bed and do what I have on the calendar or am I dreading it?

At this stage of my life it is a non-negotiable that I want to wake up psyched to meditate, to make breakfast, to workout, to go upstairs to my office to check in the world and connect with incredible people (virtually) through this online business thing I started a year ago.

In order TO WAKE UP FEELING LIKE ‘FUCK YEAH I LOVE MY LIFE that are a lot of actions I take the night before, the day before, the days before, the week before so that I am completing the cycle that I know will result in feeling my best. Actions in terms of diet, exercise, meditation, boundaries, controlling my stress load, protecting myself from consuming unnecessary negative/fear-based energies, supporting my cycles + systems with all natural nourishment + care, being true to me and my loved ones, staying sober, prioritizing my SLEEP with a consistent bedtime + optimal sleep habits, etc….

Journal Prompts for clarity:

What is my non-negotiable state of being that I want to feel/embody/find?

What do I need to DO or what actions do I need to take to follow through?

What one thing I can shift THIS WEEK to start making this shift, one tiny course correction that will become my new normal?

So on the one hand your MIND and your thoughts are extremely powerful but if you never get out of your mind and shift into ACTION nothing is going to change.


You can think of it as your burnout buffer, one of the most important things to get on track is your sleep...grab my new free mini-course that will help you prioritize your sleep"

How to Wake Up Well Rested + Full of Energy:


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