Why Grandma's Night Cream Ritual was Self-care.

Does anyone else remember spending a lot of time watching their Mom or Grandmother apply night cream or put cream on their hands?  

Yeah, it all makes a lot more sense now that,

  1. I’m growing older and see the need!

  2. I understand that for them it was a daily ritual, it was self-care.

The beauty of a good self-care ritual is that it is sacred time.  No one questions its legitimacy, least of all ourselves as to its necessity, priority and value in making us feel more ourselves, more grounded, more femine, more loving, more in tune. 

These practices are important when we are feeling like we need a little extra care, but they are also extremely important to keep up even when we are feeling ‘up’.  




Here are 100 ideas to help you build your own self-care ritual. 

  1. Wake yourself in a peaceful way - birds chirping, bells chiming. 

  2. Massage your hands with cream or essential oils.

  3. Stretch head to toe lying down on the floor, ground yourself.

  4. Take a deep breath in through the nose and then slowly out through the mouth. Repeat 10 times.

  5. Do Tree Pose. 5 breaths on each leg.  

  6. Sitting up, roll your shoulders back and reach your arms up for a stretch side to side.

  7. Place your hands over your heart and check-in with yourself.  How are you feeling?

  8. Set an intention for the day - a word you wish to hold present throughout the day.

  9. Breath work:  inhale for 4, hold 1 exhale for 6.  Repeat until your mind feels aligned with your body.

  10. Scrape your Tongue.

  11. Brush your teeth with a bamboo brush and natural toothpaste. 

  12. Use a Neti Pot.

  13. Try nauli, an ancient cleansing practice for the digestive system that’s stomach-churning in every sense of the word.

  14. Seated twist, sit cross legged, hands on your knees, then twist gentle to look behind you with your whole torso.

  15. Early Grey tea, Bergamot is a very relaxing and grounding essential oil.  

  16. Gentle massage your face with a nice cream or essential oils, pull gentle up, not down.

  17. Floss.

  18. Spray your face with rosewater. 

  19. Splash water on your face.

  20. Use a jade roller or your hands to invigorate your face with a face massage.

  21. Dry brushing.

  22. Shower with cool water to energize the body.

  23. Consciously give yourself a scalp massage while washing your hair.

  24. Lovingly wash yourself with invigorating and natural soap.

  25. Take a moment to inhale and enjoy the natural aromatherapy of the soap (orange, lemon, grapefruit are great to energize the mind and body).

  26. Use massage oil right after your shower - self massage onto moist skin.

  27. Light a candle.

  28. Burn incense.

  29. Burn sage.

  30. Burn Palo Santo. 

  31. Use an essential oil in the palm of your hand, rub hands together and inhale for 3 breaths.  Try lavender, cyress, pine, lemon oil. 

  32. Meditate.

  33. Chant, repeat a mantra.

  34. Ring a Tibetan bell/chimes or listen to them on this app.

  35. Sing Om 3 times.

  36. Affirmations: “I am allowing it to be easy” / “Enjoy this moment” / “I am enough.”

  37. 3 yoga postures - half moon, boat, forward fold.

  38. Seated fold into the earth, ground your sit bones. Let go.

  39. Ground your bare feet into the floor - or even better the earth, grass or sand if season permits.

  40. Journal - free flow - pen and paper - to reset the speed of the mind to discourse.

  41. Gratitude journal - pen and paper, 3 things I am grateful for daily.

  42. Read something for fun, something uplifting or funny.

  43. Listen to spa or relaxing music.

  44. Dance in the mirror.

  45. Do some art.

  46. Color while you drink a glass of water.

  47. Do a puzzle for 5 minutes.

  48. Kiss your family, pets, plants hello.

  49. Prepare warm water with lemon, lime, apple cider vinegar, and/or pressed ginger.

  50. Prepare a shot of curcuma with 1/2 an orange or grapefruit.

  51. Drink a shot of coconut kefir.

  52. Lovingly prepare and plate your family a healthy meal.

  53. Exercise for 15-20 minutes.

  54. Go for a walk and smile at a few strangers.

  55. Sit and watch the sunrise or sunset.

  56. Look up at the sky.

  57. Examine the clouds.

  58. Water your plants.

  59. Open the windows and breathe in fresh air.

  60. Make your bed.

  61. Listen to an audio book that inspires you.

  62. Have a conversation with your loved ones.

  63. Get dressed with care. 

  64. Say something positive to yourself when you look in the mirror.

  65. Tell someone you love them.

  66. Write something - a paragraph, a letter, a blog post, a note to someone.

  67. Grind fresh coffee beans, enjoy the aroma.

  68. Drink a coffee or tea - no sugar, no milk.

  69. Prepare a matcha tea, sweeten with ginger or cinnamon.

  70. Do a crossword puzzle. 

  71. Go for a walk to the park, walk the dog if you have one.

  72. Connect with nature in some way that is meaningful to you.

  73. Swim, Run, Bike. 

  74. Buy fresh flowers and arrange them with care.

  75. Eat some fresh fruit.

  76. Organize your underwear drawer by color.

  77. Create a sacred space beside your bed, keep it tidy and free of clutter.

  78. Arrange your bookcase by color.

  79. Pick something from your garden or herbs from your windowsill to infuse in your water.

  80. Write/draw out a mental map for an upcoming project.

  81. Doodle.

  82. Listen to a healthy podcast.

  83. Listen to nature.

  84. Forest bathing.

  85. Appreciate colours around you.

  86. Play a musical instrument or sing.

  87. Hum to yourself, enjoy the internal vibration.

  88. Organize your thoughts by jotting them down on a piece of paper.

  89. Tidy up your yard, maybe chat with a neighbour.

  90. Guard your energetic space with positive language - words hold a certain energy.

  91. Listen to Jazz.

  92. Flip through an art book while you drink coffee or tea.

  93. Bake homemade granola or muffins.

  94. Soak nuts to make homemade milk.

  95. Roast root veggies in the oven with rosemary.

  96. Call an old friend on the phone.

  97. Make a natural house cleaner with vinegar, water and essential oils, leave your kitchen in order and counters clean.

  98. Write someone a thank you card and mail it.

  99. Make a seasonal centerpiece for your table using things around the house.  

  100. . Deeply kiss or embrace your loved ones.

I love helping women find the time, mindset and self-care goals they have been putting not the back burner for years! Let's connect if you want support in building a rock solid self-care routine for yourself. You deserve it.

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