Why Getting More Sleep Helps You Lose Weight

Have you ever noticed that you eat more when you are tired? I first experienced this as a sleep deprived new Mom - I felt like I needed more food to keep me going.

When we don't get enough rest our brain chemistry changes in multiple ways, but specific to our weight management and cravings here is what you need to know:

Sleep deprivation results in food cravings, you tend to eat 200 - 400 more calories a day for two reasons:

  1. Brain chemistry is altered with a decrease in leptin (that signals the brain you are full) and an increase in Ghrelin (that signals the brain that you are hungry).

  2. Body is in stress mode + therefore craving heavy carbs, sugar and salt, so the food choices are also poor in addition to you eating more.

So let's be conservative and say that you are eating just 200 extra calories a day, and forget for a moment that those are probably empty calories because we crave snacks and treats more when we are in stress mode...

200 x 7 days x 52 weeks = 67500 calories per year or 1400 per week

Some experts claim that 500 calories per week extra = 1 lb of fat, which to me seems a bit high but I think we can safely say that we see where those 5 extra pounds a year come from, am I right?

Still not convinced that you should prioritize your sleep more so you eat less + gravitate more towards healthier foods?

Other positive changes with better sleep include feeling brighter, happier + more positive, having better relationship interactions, accomplishing more in less time at work, a lower heart rate, less medication use, you are sick less. See how it is the beautiful self-fulfilling wellness cycle?

Not to mention that marriage/relationship satisfaction is higher + your sex life is better when you are well rested.

Just 15-20 min more a night is enough to make a statistically significant impact on your longevity + current energy + health.

Stay tuned for the science that proves that that old saying about getting your beauty sleep is true down to your level of fertility when well rested!

Are you interested in how to get more + better quality sleep in your busy life?

Check out my new Mini-Course on How to Wake Up Well Rested + Full of Energy:


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