The Women's Wellness Circle 2021

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

We need to talk…

Drop the storyline + stay with the underlining energy.

These moments of discomfort we feel when we move outside of our comfort zone often seem scary because we feel a sense of groundlessness. This is because this feeling is actually fluid, dynamic and impermanent. Ephemeral. So stay with the energy. Where is it directing you?

Tune in.

Tune out the rest.

Tune out the negative noise.

Tune out the same old narrative.

Tune out the same tired excuses.

Are you feeling drawn to make your mental and physical health a priority for 2021? Then, I highly recommend you take advantage of the deep discount that ends today + invest in optimal energy coming into the end of the year + into 2021.

Today is your last chance on this incredible offer: the WOMEN’S WELLNESS CIRCLE has 2 spots left at 40% off, that’s just $487 for 3 months of wellness + mindset coaching in a group of strong amazing women like yourself. use code BLACKFRIDAY40 at checkout!

Questions? DM please I would love to know what you are thinking.


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