The best gratitude exercise ever

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

The attitude of gratitude is a powerful spirit within you, here is how to cultivate it.

What´s your default mode?

Do you tend to focus on what you hate? Judge other people? Dwell on what´s not going as planned?

I did.

For decades, until I started focusing on my physical and mental health. One little exercise was and continues to be a powerful tool to strengthen my spirit of gratitude, focus on the positive, not judge others, and practically remove the word hate from my vocabulary.

Coming into this week of giving thanks in the US, I thought it was a perfect time to remind you how powerful it is to strengthen your gratitude spirit through gratitude journaling.

What is that? Well if you don´t know, it is a simple exercise where you jot down 3 things you are grateful for daily. I usually recommend to my clients this practice early on in our work together, to build it into their bedtime or morning routine.

The first week or so it is easy to come up with three things everyday without repeating yourself, but after awhile you need to get more nitty gritty, observant + creative which in turn shifts your mindset and perspective of the world as you start to go about your days looking for three things to be grateful for instead of operating in your default fear mode.

You can get a MEGA jump start on flexing your gratitude muscles by starting with a list of 100 things you are grateful for today. This forces you to get creative + positive today and it will keep spilling into tomorrow.

So, what better week to start this powerful practice if you haven't already. Then try it for a week adding at least 3 things a day and see if you notice a difference in your sense of satisfaction and purpose in life. When you are operating from a place of gratitude you are not in fear. We make waaaaaaay better decisions when we are operating in the attitude of gratitude.

It is a powerful spirit within you, you can tap into and explore.

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