Tea Time: reconsider its abundance

Afternoon Tea Time: Reconnect with Nature's Offerings & Loved Ones

Tea served hot or cold is a delicious and naturally flavourful option for the entire family. Here in Mexico there is often Hibiscus tea on the lunch table, served cold with lots of sugar. I recommend you skip the sugar and sweeten it naturally with a cinnamon stick, fresh mint or guava fruit. Hibiscus is high in anti-oxidants and caffeine free, so the whole family can enjoy it.

I have been reconsidering the ritual of tea time that is present in many cultures. Sarah Wilson suggests revisiting tea as a 'treat' in her I Quit Sugar 8-week program that I completed over the summer. Chai for example is naturally sweet as it cinnamon, berries, mint and even chamomile my young boys enjoy drinking. Not only is it a naturally sweet no sugar option, it is the ritual of preparing it, having to wait for it to steep & then cool that is an opportunity for connection with your loved ones or friends (you could make it your time to phone an old friend, remember when we used to just phone people??). You could also enjoy the ritual alone, using it as a mindfulness space in your busy day. Try not to do everything 'on-the-go'. Even taking an extra minute to inhale the aroma and taste the flavour as nature intended it (with no sweetener) allows you to reconnect with others, yourself, and nature. This in turn often staves off the late afternoon sugar cravings, returning to this tradition is an opportunity to reconsider nature and all the abundance it has to offer.

What's your favourite tea?

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