Superfoods 101


Are a buzz word these days. What are they? How do I use them? Are they really necessary?

I say they are a great investment in your health. They are an immunity booster due to their amazing anti-oxidant properties, spirulina for example quite possible the most nutrient dense food on earth. They are often a great source of Omega 3 healthy fats. They are fun to experiment with & incorporate into your diet. They can seem expensive up front, but you use a teaspoon & it packs a punch of nutrients! Superfoods by definition are nutrient dense. Not to mention they will likely save you money on all the over the counter meds you will avoid over cold season. Blueberries are for example a fresh superfood, which is excellent, but it is is great to have some powdered versions on hand so even if you don’t have fresh produce on hand one morning you can add to your smoothie, pancake mix or sprinkle on what ever you are having for breakfast.

My smoothie today is homemade almond milk with maca powder, cacao powder and cacao nibs (all excellent superfoods to try out in your kitchen) blended with a 1/3 banana.

The pancakes I made with @moramamx pancake mix, which is low sugar (2 grams per serving) and gluten-free blend of healthy flours. I added a tsp of cinnamon which is a superfood because its nutrient content, its ability to stabilize blood sugar levels & boost metabolism. It is a great natural sweetener. Lastly I added 15 drops of blue spirulina which I mentioned above is the super superfood. Easy to disguise its sometimes fishy algae flavour, it is great to have stored in the fridge.

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