Sugar Cravings when you are on a low carb diet.

It is ideal that we find a balance in life that works for our body, in this moment and within our lifestyle. That is to say, as women in particular we have different needs within a given month, let alone within a given season, year or phase of our lives.

Dieting might be necessary in extreme cases when someone is truly out of control of their weight and their weight is putting their life at risk. However in general I prefer to teach my clients to eat intuitively. Any diet designed to lose weight is a short term solution - it is not a lifestyle.

Low carb diets are still very popular, to the point my friend said to me the other day that the idea of eating plant-based as I was suggesting scared her because I said I eat unlimited gluten-free carbs. Our body's cell's run on glucose. Your body can get glucose from straight up sugar, from breaking down carbs and eventually in breaking down fat.

The point I want to make here is that you are craving sugar because you need glucose. When we are low on carbs our cravings tend to jump to foods that we think of as sweet more so that slow burins carbs like oatmeal or sweet potato. Part of the solution is to first train your brain to think of sweet options from nature before you indulge in something full of sugar.

I like to think of a green apple. If I think I am hungry and craving carbs I will ask myself if a green apple will do - even if I answer no I would eat one before indulging in a cookie or some other dessert type food. A bowl of berries is another great thing to train your brain to think of when it is craving sugar. Lastly I'd make a chia tea with coconut milk which is naturally sweet. Add some extra cinnamon for a natural boost in metabolism and natural sweetness.

So remember train your brain when you are obsessing over sweets to think slow burning carbs, fresh fruit or an afternoon chai tea. Acknowledge that your body and brain need carbs to operate and make the best choices for your body thinking in terms of the long game. Embrace your sugar cravings as your body's natural intelligence that you need some healthy carbs ASAP and then choose a healthy option first before you delve into that cake or cookie treat. xo

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