Spring Clean: 10 areas of your life you might need to declutter!

Declutter: remove unnecessary items from (an untidy or overcrowded place).

10 areas of your life you might need to declutter:

  1. Beauty routine.

  2. Morning routine.

  3. Cell phone homescreen.

  4. Fridge.

  5. Pantry.

  6. Closet.

  7. Friendships.

  8. Purse/wallet.

  9. Bedtime routine.

  10. Email Inbox.

Spring is the perfect time to pull everything out and get clear on what you really want to keep.

We don’t realize it but our stuff takes up a lot of ENERGY.

Organizing it.

Managing it.

Worrying about it.

Ignoring it.

Cleaning it.

Storing it.


Like seriously you can live without 80% of it I bet.

It is so FREEING to just minimize it.

It feels LIGHT.

It feels CLEAN.

It feels BETTER.

It sparks JOY.


It sparks new ENERGY.

So pick one of the areas of your life above to tackle this month.

Give yourself permission to be ruthless for the sake of all the above reasons I gave you.

P.S. If you want some support decluttering your kitchen, pantry or fridge I'm your girl:


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