Spinach, Mandarin Mushroom Salad with Ginger Miso Dressing

Baby Spinach

Thinly sliced mushrooms

Mandarin orange slices, seeded

*you could use canned, in that case save the juice for sweetener instead of honey

Bean sprouts

Fresh ginger

Miso paste

Olive oil

Apple cider vinegar

Lemon juice

Honey or maple syrup

Sea salt

Gentle sauté the mushrooms on low in olive oil + a pinch of salt until just slightly cooked. Set aside to cool.

Make your dressing by combining fresh grated ginger, approx. ½ tsp, tbsp miso paste, tbsp olive oil, tbsp apple cider vinegar, juice of one lemon, tbsp of honey or maple syrup with a pinch of salt in a small glass container with a lid. Shake until well combined. Taste and adjust add a bit more of this or that until it is the perfect combination of sweet, sour and acidic for you. Toss the remaining ingredients together in a large bowl with the dressing. Enjoy.

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