Restorative Yoga: Legs Up The Wall

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

This posture is so deliciously relaxing. All you need is a wall. Lie down on the floor close to a wall, then get your but as close as possible, ideally touching the well before you swing your feet up the wall. Take a moment to sink into the posture, make sure your shoulders are relaxed and grounding down. With your bum touching the wall and your heels touching the wall, this allows the legs to be aligned with the hips and in turn for gravity to do it's lovely work letting the blood flow gentle back to the heart. Stay for a while, up to 10 minutes. If you re super exhausted you can literally do this in bed. It is extremely helpful for insomnia, circulation problems and stress. It quickly pulls your body and mind into relax mode because the parasympathetic nervous system kicks in, signally the body that it is time for rest and relaxation. For an added experience you can place a lavender scented eye pillow over your eyes, although anything will work as long as it works to gently put pressure on the eyes.

Legs Up the Wall

This is an excellent posture post flight, as we get older flying affects our system ever more. It is so important to replenish your system post flight with lots of rest, water and this magic restorative posture.

My favourite #restorativeyoga posture for: #Insomnia #Circulation #Stress #Jetlag

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