Reading Food Labels: 5 rules of thumb

Did you know that Russia has passed legislation to go all organic in terms of food agriculture by 2020 as part of its national security strategy?! The next “Cold War” is to the organic finish line people. Think about that and then think about what your family is consuming. You need to cut out processed food from your diet - TODAY. That is the first, and most important step towards a living a healthier lifestyle.

Read labels!!

5 easy rules of thumb:

Stay away from any of the following.
  1. Any ingredients you don’t know what they are?

  2. More than 5 ingredients?

  3. Does it contain high fructose corn syrup? (a GMO produced byproduct).

  4. Does it contain any artificial ingredients, especially colouring?

  5. Does it contain soy lecithin? (a GMO byproduct as well).

Choose products in glass containers with less than 5 ingredients, all of which are real food!

All of these ingredients mentioned are linked to various cancers, autism and ADHD, migraines, digestive problems, etc. The list goes on. By cutting processed food out of your diet you are going to be miles ahead in terms of your health. A boost to your immune system and an increase in your energy.

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