Question: how many plants do you eat in a given week?

On average we eat 15 to 20 a week.

There are 300,000 edible plants on the planet. Industrial agriculture has made sure that 75% of our diet is made up of three plants: corn, wheat, soy in North America, and on a global scale it would be rice, corn and soy. We are ignoring this diversity. Farmers have little choice than to contribute to the problem.

There are millions of types of fiber in nature. Every plant has multiple types of this prebiotic fibre. The microbes in our lower gut LOVE fibre, but they have specific preferences, like we do as to which types of fibre they like to eat. So?

So we need diversity to cover our basis. This is the best insurance policy you can take out on your health.

Eat as many kinds of plants as possible.

Every single plant has its own types of fibre, nutrients, minerals, phytochemicals (exclusive to plant foods), AND their own MICROBIOME. An apple, for example, you eat a raw apple and you gain the benefit of the intelligence of the apple’s microbiome as well.

ONLY available in plants, phytochemicals fend off cancer, heart disease, age-related eye disease, stimulate the immune system, and slow the growth of cancer cells and prevent DNA damage.

Everything either has a microbiome or is part of one.

Fibre is an ignored SUPERFOOD.

When on a steady diet of fibre the microbes in your lower intestine and colon grow stronger and stronger until they release short chain fatty acids that optimize our immune system.

Short chain fatty acids reverse leaky gut, they prevent colon cancer, they lower your cholesterol, they prevent and reverse insulin resistance, they travel throughout the body, they can reverse the effects of cornoraty, they repair the blood brain barrier...They affect our mood, our memory, they prevent altezhimers. - Dr. Will Bulsiewicz, M.D., Fibre Fueled.



-for the diversity of their nutrients

-for the diversity of their vitamins

-for the phytochemicals

-for their microbiomes

-for their fibre

Challenge: can you start to incorporate 40 different plants a week into your diet?

Here is what my household is currently eating on a given week give or take 10 ingredients that are better in a given season:

  1. Black beans

  2. Corn

  3. Oats

  4. Amaranto

  5. Chickpeas

  6. Garlic

  7. Olives

  8. Cucumber

  9. Broccoli

  10. Nopal

  11. Onion

  12. Kale

  13. Arugula

  14. Radish

  15. Beets

  16. Carrots

  17. Leek

  18. Ginger

  19. Avocado

  20. Tomato

  21. Green tomato

  22. Alfalfa sprouts

  23. Gala apples

  24. Granny smith apples

  25. Nectarines

  26. Pears

  27. Lime

  28. Green peas

  29. Green beans

  30. Strawberries

  31. Blackberries

  32. Mango

  33. Watermelon

  34. Cashews

  35. Pumpkin seeds

  36. Sesame seeds

  37. Peanuts

  38. Soy

  39. Rice

  40. Banana

  41. Almond

  42. Coconut

  43. Dates

  44. Golden berries

  45. Hemp Seeds

  46. Cranberries

  47. Acai

  48. Cilantro

  49. Cinnamon

  50. Chile

  51. Lentils

  52. Quinoa

  53. Potatoes

  54. Cabbage

  55. Chayote

  56. Jicama

  57. Grapes

  58. Papaya

  59. Pineapple

  60. Blueberries

  61. Plums

  62. Rosemary

  63. Bay Leaves

  64. Oregano

  65. Turmeric

  66. Coffee

  67. Green tea

  68. Black tea

  69. Cacao

  70. Purple cabbage

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