Pretending to be something you are not is exhausting.

As a woman, you have been trained to do this since you were a little girl.

No one told us, “trust your inner voice, and do what is right for you.”

They told us, “go check and see if everyone has everything they need.”

No one told us, “you are a spiritual cosmic being, you have all the answers within.”

They told us, “learn how to fit in or you aren’t going to make any friends.”

No one told us, “we are all here to be of service to our soul purpose.”

They told us, “no one likes a negative Nancy, this is how they have always done it, just go with it.”

No one told us, “pay attention to their energy and YOUR energy + trust your intuition.”

Journal Prompts:

What box are you currently pretending to fit into that your soul wants to break out of?

Where am I people pleasing instead of just saying no?

What are 10 things that make my soul sing or light up my heart center or sacral chakra?


I just launched a new 90 day intensive designed for women who KNOW they are pretending to like something that they don’t or fit into a 9-5 box when that little girl within is (and always will) cry out that she was meant for MORE.

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