Power doesn’t change who you are, it simply amplifies who you already are…

Updated: Apr 21

That is why I am so passionate in guiding powerful women to reclaim it so they can stop distinguishing their own light, stop apologizing, and start taking action towards their biggest dreams.

Most of us are playing it small. We have always had big dreams - only some of us took the long way round.

It is never too late.

So what if you stopped wasting your energy which is one source of your power?

We all have energy leaks. Any idea where you are leaking energy?

I was leaking huge reserves on recovering from drinking half the week, digesting processed sweets, basically my body was on constant overdrive from trying to detoxify itself to some sort of homeostasis. Not to mention I wasn’t replenishing energy with plants, sleep, exercise, strength training or meditation. I was at least showing up to yoga, helping my body sweat it all out on rinse and repeat.

But the biggest energy leak was my negative thought patterns + limiting beliefs that were keeping me in the above loop. They were keeping me small. My thoughts about myself didn’t energize me, they didn’t light me up, in fact they constantly tore me down.

Maybe you can relate?

I have created this delicious new program called ALIGN + SHINE with all this mind.

Just think you could go:

From wasting valuable time + energy investigating + worrying about what is truly best for you to total clarity + comfort in knowing what makes you thrive.

From self-doubting, holding back + playing small to finding new mental clarity, purpose + drive to play bigger with your goals + dreams. You can’t fix what’s holding you back is you aren’t willing to face those fears head on.

From stuck + stagnant to aligned + vibrant energy. AKA #empoweredAF

From a few pandemic pounds extra to feeling light, flowy, + not giving a F&*+% while also being totally in tune to your body’s needs + rhythms.

From having a few great healthy habits to having a mammoth toolbox full of options + the mindset exercises to ensure you keep applying all the knowledge + breakthroughs moving forward.

From confused to having a structure, an action plan + a whole lot more ENERGY (‘cause you’re not leakin’ it all over the place anymore with your drama, self-sabotage + old patterns) so you can implement your desired changes now + anytime in the future.

Curious to know more? You can read all about it here: https://www.meganswanwellness.com/alignshine

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