Optimal wellness is a journey, not a destination.

Are you too focused on the end?

Just like health is not a final destination, optimal wellness is a journey, not a destination.

That is to say you never ‘arrive’ to a final point, like everything in life we are looking for a balance.

What might be a perfect balance for one of us, might not apply to all of us - it is a process of learning how to listen to your body, know your thresholds and know when you are in a state of optimal wellness for you, at a given moment in time, and knowing how you can find it again if things shift and you need to calibrate.

What YOUR optimal wellness looks like ebbs and flows with the seasons, with your moon cycle, with your age, with your location, with your workload, with your stress load, with your desires.

The key is knowing how to keep yourself aligned, what works for you when you need a little more support, and what to avoid to ensure you can SHINE your best energy and light on the world.

It is a process that develops over time.

In terms of your diet it is called intuitive eating.

In terms of your sleep and your emotional wellness it is honoring your sleep cycle and avoiding toxins that trigger you.

In terms of your physical wellness it is knowing your biorhythms and working with them.

In terms of your mental wellness it is knowing your stress threshold and what wellness tools work best for you for stress management.

In terms of your spiritual wellness it is knowing what feeling connected to yourself, nature and your environment looks like for you and how to tap into it more deeply when you are feeling disconnected.

This week I am so excited to share with you my new freebie:


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