Momentum.  Mom-entum.  Mom is built into the word.

Before I hired a Health Coach my energy level as a Mom was ‘just making it through the day’ type levels.  

I used to wake up and not want to get out of bed.  I used to hit the snooze button a few times.  I used to start my day with a lack of momentum.  I used to think my Health Coach was nuts to think I should get up 20 minutes earlier than my kids to have time for self care!  (She didn’t have kids I thought, she doesn’t have any idea!)

All too often we as women get stuck without momentum other than the fear of being a bad mother post childbirth.  We get used to not sleeping restful nights and don’t see a way around it.  We get used to

putting our children’s needs first and only telling close friends how we lose it on our kids once and a while because there is no break.  

For some of us it takes years to get that momentum back.  We rationalize the weight we can’t lose.  We joke about all the wine we need to deal.  We don’t feel like there is another minute in the day and certainly not 30 minutes a day to prioritize our health.  

After I worked with a Health Coach I surely and gradually got my momentum back.  To the point I actually have more energy now that I did in my 30s because I am motivated to be healthy on a whole other level.  I am motivated and clear that my health and that of my kids is the most important thing - the fact that my husband now holds the same perspective is an added bonus.  

When we start to get that forward momentum everything changes and our expectations of what life should be like change along with our energy level.

The feedback I most often receive after Moms work with me is that they can’t believe how much energy they have after making the shift.  

Are you in need of a little push forward in the right direction?  Are you ready to see how you can feel better than you did before you had your kids?  More energy?  More self-confidence?  More self-love?  

Momentum.  Mom-entum.  Mom is built into the word.

How do you want your kids to remember you?

Let’s get that momentum moving FORWARD in new and authentic ways, naturally.

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