Mindful Mommy Tip: Mini-Moments to Connect with your child

Do you start your day with the intention to connect with your kids, be present and look into their eyes to share a moment?  But then life happens and you feel like you are trying to get shit done and there is not time to “be present” with anyone?

Exactly.  Me too.

Here is what is working for me lately. Don't set intentions you know are unrealistic. You are not going to play mindfully with your child for an hour. Well, I'm not. But, I can make a promise to have one mini-moment a day with each child. Here's what I mean...

Start small, aim to have one eye to eye conversation, where you at their level (literally squatting down, or cuddling on the couch) where you tell them three things, or even one thing you loved that they did that day or the day before, or this week.  Be specific: like how they coloured the butterfly or how they put on their shoes with such confidence, or how they treated a stranger or fed the dog.  This makes them feel heard and seen in a way that is so important.

This is one of the ways I like to show up for my kids. It not is not so much about quantity as quality. By focusing more on mindfulness, mindset and ways in which you can feel more connected to yourself and your kids you are already way ahead of the game.

We all want to feel more connected with our loved ones - finding connection through healthy routines, both physical and mental is so important. This is one of the things I focus on in my ReEnergize Your Household, 8 weeks of group coaching for Moms who want to implement healthier routines and need support, guidance and accountability to get there. Looking for those mini-moments is what you will be prioritizing from now on after this transformational program.  

In the meantime. Start small, but start today looking for all the ways you love your kids instead of all the ways they are driving you crazy. From one great Mom to another, you are doing a great job!

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