I confess…

5 years ago I was a new Mom and blissfully happy as a mother some days, but it wasn’t most days. If fact, to me those blissful moments of motherhood seems few and far between.

Mostly I was tired.

Mostly I felt frustrated.

Often I felt alone.

Often I wondered if I’d ever feel good, feel free or be able to full let go like I did before coming a Mother.

In my search for new ways to define myself in order to feel better I fell into a circle of clients really, sort of friends that were already on that path.

Looking back it is hard to believe how far I have come in only a few years - so far I’m not sure I truly identify with that old version of myself anymore.

I was jaded. I was angry. I wasn’t really motivated by anything else other than finding work that made me feel like I was making a difference in someone’s life.

Full circle.

I found that thing and in the process I healed a lot of old wounds. At the end of the day I am simply happier doing the same job I was doing before - I found peace in now knowing that for me being a good Mom was job number one.

However in order to do that without falling into old patterns of losing my patience, yelling and generally using scare tactics to to feel like I was in control - I had to make changes in what I was eating, drinking and doing with my precious free time.

I also had to prioritize starting my business. Something for me, but in the process helping other women find a new sense of self, more energy, naturally and in that way, one woman at a time make a difference in this world.

In other words, I needed to make my health and wellness a priority so that I could serve the greater good of our household to start, and then from there other women feeling stuck in a place they are not really excited to get up to every day.

Now I wake up everyday with tons of energy. Looking forward to my morning routine, my time with the kids and my time serving others and growing my own business.

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