How to shift negative thoughts to positive thoughts.

What you focus on grows…and everything is a practice.

Are you practicing negative thinking patterns everyday?

I was, for YEARS.

So what are you focusing on?

It is natural for our minds to focus on what is going wrong. From an evolutionary standpoint we are wired to focus on threats in our life, to focus on the danger. It helped me a lot to know there wasn't something wrong with me, that negative thinking is actually our default mode.

However, we can train our brains to focus on the good and when we do it dramatically improves our health and mental wellness.

So how do you train your brain to focus on the good?

  1. Observe your thoughts without judgement.

  2. Thank your brain for trying to protect you - appreciate it’s defensive role.

  3. Then gently shift your thoughts to something good - something you appreciate in your life, something you are grateful for.

  4. Repeat.

It is a practice. A daily practice. Over time you will have less negative thoughts and a shallower default negativity - but you will always need to work on this, it is a daily practice that can change your quality of life in a week.

This month I am focusing on MINDSET + MENTAL WELLNESS.

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Tell me, what you are struggling with in terms of mindset or feeling in control of your thought patterns and perspective??

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