How can practising being in elevated frequencies improve your health?

Just like everything has its own energy, it also has its own frequency.

All energy is frequency and all frequency carries information.

Matter is just a collection of atoms that share the same information/energy.

Based on our own personal thoughts and feelings, we are always sending and receiving information.

We can raise our energy/frequency by PRACTICING elevated emotions until we can actually EMBODY them, which means intrinsically feel them so that the resulting cascade of chemicals sets the body in motion to feel the energy (emotion = e-motion, energy in motion).

The most expansive emotion is GRATITUDE because it is the ultimate emotion of receiving positive energy from the universe.

This is one reason that starting a gratitude journal is helpful, but at the end of the day if you are not truly tuning in and FEELING that gratitude (certainly to the point that it puts a smile on your face or warms you heart or sometimes I even cry!) then you are actually embodying gratitude and getting the bodily effect benefit of having a frequency of gratitude overcome your system.

In particular it is the effect it has on the ANS (autonomic nervous system) that really boosts our immunity, it allows our body to complete the stress cycle and self-regulate into a deeper rest + restore mode at night. This is key to regulating and maintaining all systems in the body in optimal health + wellness. You can check out my free mini-course on sleep here for more on this point.

Slower frequency + greater density emotions or feelings: pain, lust, victimization, suffering, guilt, shame.

Faster frequency + greater energy: gratitude, appreciation, joy, love, freedom + bliss.

Fear, anger, control + power are somewhere in the middle because they are ripe with energy but they are not considered elevated or healing to our system - quite the contrary.

This goes back to one of my favourite ideas from "Eat, Pray, Love" when the healer tells Elizabeth to just sit and smile daily. I think I would add, breath into it, and breath in happy memories, images and thoughts that help you spark that emotion on a chemical level in the body.

big love + optimal wellness,


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