How are sugar and gluten affecting your mood? Depression can be a simple diet fix.

Updated: Jan 4

So I wanted to share a little story with you....

Man was I looking forward to a ‘vacation’ even if it was just from social media for a few days, from our consistent routine, from eating ‘so’ healthy (ie. bring on the gluten and sugar please, still hold the wine, and but pass me the pizza…). I was looking forward to letting go of the ‘agenda’, you know what I mean? Particularly looking forward to spending more time with the kids, without that agenda, because it is the constant interruptions of my agenda vs. their agenda that is stressful for me.

So, Christmas came and went, sleep was out of whack, later nights, still early mornings, but lots of naps throughout the day. Sugar, bread, date cake, candy canes, peppermint m&ms for breakfast anyone? By the 26th Jose and I were trying to ‘relax’ into this rest mode and instead felt the depressive aspects of our food and drink choices, lack of exercise, and lack of ability or motivation to get out of the house. Ya know? Like, there was nowhere to go for social reasons, and therefore little interest in DOING something. I blame the sugar, he blames the gluten. Both played into it.

Really it was just letting go of all our wellness strategies in the name ‘letting go for a while’ was actually fairly counterproductive this time because it was not met with any counterweight such as deeper social connection with family and friends we haven’t seen all year, or a travel adventure to see new lands and experience new things.

My BIG takeaway here, there, wherever you want to let it land was: “this is how millions have been feeling this whole pandemic,” like “this low”, I mean, we gotta get back to the routine, because that is what is keeping us going right now. Our experience KNOWING how much better we feel when we show up for ourselves and for each other to exercise, make better food choices, and hold off the everyday toxins (including screen time) is what has been keeping us above water. Allowing us to focus our energy on helping others, and knowing that we are making a difference, even if it is small on a global scale, in the lives of others who need our help.


We are back at it. We are showing up for ourselves, each other and the kids in healthy fashion. I made black bean soup for breakfast yesterday and everyone cheered - it is literally the most boring, but delicious and nutritious meals we often make. We were craving our boring healthy staples.

Sometimes what we think is ‘fun’ or ‘easier’, especially as parents, is in fact so counterproductive to a calm and happy home environment. But you have to get INTO the habit before you are able to see that, and your breaks from good habits become shorter and shorter.


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