Healthy Mommy Mindset + 5 Tips for Healthier Kids

Be TOUGH on the outside, but SWEET on the INSIDE (like a pineapple! wink, wink!)


Stay true to your WHY but deliver it with LOVE. 

5 Tips for Healthier Kids:

  1. Bio-individuality: be mindful that you are not imposing your personal preferences or cultural or systematic preconceived ideas onto your kids (or your partner).  No two bodies are equal, and no two bodies thrive on the exact same foods.

  2. Food Combining: be aware that your children are still more in tune to their body’s natural intelligence.  Support them in learning to trust that their bodies will crave the right foods, combination of foods, portions and times to eat if given healthy alternatives.

  3. Mindset around presenting new healthy foods is key: appreciate our evolutionary instinct to be highly suspicious and cautious of new food sources that have not previously been spotted in our environment.  

  4. Respect their authority: what enters their mouths is one of few areas kids remain in total control in their lives.  Entering into an argument, power dynamics or negotiations around eating will set them up for a lifetime of problems around eating habits and weight.

  5. Keep it happy, fun and enjoyable!  If you are not modelling that healthy food can be fun, enjoyable and delicious, don't be surprised that your kids won't have that mindset either! #onlygoodvibes

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