Have your fallen off track this summer?

When did eating get so f-ing complicated?

Why can’t we enjoy the simple things and not over complicate food like kids do?

Fresh raw veggies with sea salt and fresh lime juice are incredible. A meal doesn’t have to have a dozen ingredients to be delicious.

One tip I give my clients who are Moms struggling to get their kids more interested in vegetables is to DECONSTRUCT their meals.

What does this mean?

  1. Think of a meal in a bowl more so than on a plate.

  2. Prepare (cook, chop, sauté, steam, etc) a variety of veggies, nuts, seeds, legumes and whole grains each meal.

  3. Everyone fills up their own bowl with the quantity and diversity of ingredients they like, which some days might mean your kids just pick one ingredient, it’s all good. One ingredient is actually easier to digest, they are still more intuitive eaters than we are.

  4. Make it colourful, we all eat with our eyes first.

  5. Allow additions like salsa, spices, olive oil, fresh herbs, lime and salt to be everyone’s each personal preference.

This empowers them to make decisions for themselves and teaches them that they know what is best for their own body. Plus it diffuses the power struggles that can sometimes arise around the dinner table that can set kids up for the lifetime of associated stress about food choices.

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