2019 is all about changing your habits. I wrote an article in the latest edition of Alcachofa Magazine on #kaisen the theory that small seemingly trivial changes in our daily routine can result in profound changes in the long run simply because they are cumulative and if gradual long-lasting.

Last year I murmured to myself that I should run a half marathon before I turn 40, I’m calling it #21k39 or at least that is what the playlist is called.

I’m on week 2/12 training for it. Today I ran 9k. #habits is one buzzword for 2019 - what one small thing could you improve on today? Even just thinking about counts. Planting seeds of changes starts those neural pathways building new connections & setting the groundwork for lasting lifelong healthy habits.

Might sound boring but it isn’t once you see what you are capable of doing. #running #runnerintraining #newhabits #healthylifestyle #sundaymorning #stepbystep #imonmyway 🖤

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