Greens on the go

I saw this idea the other day and it is genius! I went one step further & added a #zerowaste twist. ANY leafy greens including all the stems, stalks, herbs, carrot tops, celery leaves, beet tops you name it. Throw it in the blender with just enough oil, I like to use coconut oil to give it a natural sweetness, so you can blend it. Then spoon it into either ice cube trays or if you have a silicone tray & then freeze.

Then each morning you can take out one or two cubes and you have a green power punch all set to blend. I let them thaw a couple minutes in the blender with your liquid of choice: water, coconut 🥥 water 💦, coconut milk, nut milk, or fresh squeezed grapefruit would be fairly low sugar as well. Optional to add some #superfood green powder of choice. #matcha #moringa #wheatgrass #maca #spiralina #ginger fresh or powder. Blend that baby up and pour into your favourite re-usable, I prefer glass container. If you like to use a straw look for bamboo or stainless steel reusable straws in your local health food store.

For the kiddies you can blend with a banana to make it a bit sweeter, but still healthy.

Viola super green immunity booster to go!

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