Finding Joy in the Mundane

Yesterday while scrubbing potatoes it came to me a great way to explain the transformation we undergo when we move out of a negative mindset into a positive one.  Which let’s be real is an everyday practice, not a quick fix solution.  

Once we turn the tide on negative thinking we come to realize that we have been socialized to be sarcastic, jaded, snippy, bitchy when we feel like we have a “right” to be.  We are not innately any of those things.  We innately find joy in the tiniest little details of life - like children still do.

It is only when we dig ourselves out of layers of negative thinking patterns that society wraps up for us in a nice little bow that you come to realize the power of mindset.   Maybe like me you used to think women who found joy in the mundane tasks in the home were silly, or simple or missing the big picture.  Now I realize anyone who can find joy in the everyday is ahead of the game.  

How can we find peace of mind, a deep sense of purpose, and an ability to find joy and be present in the everyday?

One way is meditation, but mediation can take on many forms.  

Meditation can look like:

  • Lovingly scrubbing potatoes that are going to nourish you.

  • Taking a walk and focusing your attention on the trees, birds and sky.

  • Washing the dishes without hurry or bitterness that no one offered to help.  

  • Sitting by a window while you drink your morning coffee, just noticing what there is to notice.

  • Sorting legos into colour categories.

  • Colouring with your little one.

  • Planting a seed, tending to it, and watching it grow. 

By finding joy or meditative presence in the everyday tasks we give ourselves mini-breaks from the go-go-go mentality and come out feeling better more at peace and in tune to what is really important to us.

Are you interested in delving deeper into the wonders of meditation and mindful practices?  Might that be one of your goals to end the year on?

Checkout the application form for my mini-transformation free coaching intensive I’m offering in October.  Or send me a message for more information!

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