D E T O X your oral hygiene routine.

Have you read the ingredients of your toothpaste? Something you absorb and/or ingest several times a day? Does it make sense to you that it contains sugar or an artificial sweetener? I mean we are used to sweetness even in our oral health products - it makes no sense. We are brushing our teeth to make sure bad bacteria and what bad bacterial love to eat: SUGAR are not sitting on our teeth and getting into our gums - and we do that by brushing with a toothpaste with sorbitol or some other artificial sugar?

Dental care 101: zero waste and sugar free:

*Read labels, even on your toothpaste.

Especially toothpastes marketed to kids are full of artificial colours and sweeteners that you want to avoid.

*You could just use baking soda to brush and you’d be fine.

Most dentists will tell you it is the ACT of brushing that is important not the chemicals you are brushing onto your teeth that avoid cavities and other bacteria infections.

We have found a brand we love here in Mexico: @proyectobotanico which is available online from La Huerta Organica.

The ingredients are baking soda, activated carbon, coconut oil and water. It takes some getting used to because it is not sweet at all. Try it, or some similar local brand that doesn’t use plastic packaging and minimalist ingredients.

*Stop buying plastic toothbrushes.

For yourself and the planet bamboo brushes are better.

*Look into getting a tongue scrapper.

A huge help to your body’s natural detoxification process. The back of a regular spoon works pretty well too. Scrape the yellow gooey layer of gunk off your tongue first thing every morning before drinking water and before brushing.

*Consider oil pulling with coconut oil.

It is really easy, you swish coconut or sesame oil around your mouth for 5-20 minutes a couple times a week to absorb all the bad bacteria in your mouth. Feel free to contact me for more advice on this ancient Ayurvedic practice.

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