Christmas Yoga Mini-Series

5 minutes of yoga/stretching/movement practice does the body a world of good. Ideally in the morning before you eat or a super slow practice before bed.

5 postures. 5-10 breaths each side.

🎄Christmas Star: starfish, breathe the arms up and down.

🎄Christmas Tree: tree pose, added challenge close your eyes for a few breaths!

🎄Santa’s Sleigh 🛷 aka #navasana or boat pose. Start by holding your knees, next day try with out hands. Try for 5 breaths, relax. Repeat 5 times.

🎄Christmas Mountain aka #downdog. Hold for 10 breaths, walk your feet to your hands then back out 5 times. Hold down dog again for 10 deep breaths.

🎄Seated Angel: do day 1’s 1 minute breathing exercise, or just sit with your eyes closed + smile gently + imagine you are as light as an angel 👼. B R E A T H E ❤️🎄

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