C L A R I T Y is the new power.

Just yesterday I was thinking how foul the mommy wine culture dogma really is, it is based on the principal that your daily goal is to numb your clarity in order to escape from parenting. Sure parenting is challenging and not always fun, but if we go through our days looking to not be present with our children we are not only doing our children a disservice, we are missing out on an opportunity to grow as humans & resolve any missing links from our own childhood.

Clarity brings us perspective. Clarity allows us to be present. Of course we can't always be present but we surely can be a whole lot more often with the beloved little humans we are upbringing to hopefully be happy & inspired community members.

Clarity makes you realize what you need is more connection in your life. Real, making eye contact connection. Not only with your loved ones but with every human being you have a conversation with every day. A simple authentic smile or question goes a long way.

How do you get clarity? I can only speak to my experience which is an ongoing process. Greatly moderating your consumption of alcohol and sugar brings immense clarity in a matter of days. Cutting down on these toxins in the long run also helps you sleep better, which helps your brain & body recuperate every day. This in turn gives you more energy to the point you realize a great deal of your disinterest in parenting or spending 'quality time' is due to the simple fact you are emotionally and mentally exhausted from our current pace of life. Sugar, alcohol and caffeine are fuel to the disconnection fire.

Interestingly it was easier for me to quit drinking than it has been to quit sugar. Reflecting on this I think it is because I had some 20 years knowing that alcohol was bad for me: for my health, my body and most of all my spirit. Sugar is the same way, however I've only had a year to process and accept it, so I'm giving myself more time to 'quit sugar in moderation' like I tried to 'quit alcohol in moderation' for several years before I accepted that wasn't going to work.

Yuval Noah Harari is one of my favourite authors. His previous books Sapiens & Homo Deus are must reads. I am excited to start his latest 21 Lessons for the 21st Century, "In a world deluged by irrelevant information clarity is power," is the opening line of this book.

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