Natural Ways to Get More Energy

Are you ready to let the light in?

What does that even mean? Well let me explain what it means to me as an expert in wellness, detoxification and mindset.

It means you have to peel back the layer of darkness, one by one. But the first step is recognizing what service each layer was providing for you. You don’t keep doing something if it isn’t serving you, even if it is serving you in reaffirming your misguided ways.

Simplest answer is that they are keeping you in your comfort zone - you KNOW what they feel like, and frankly it is freakin' scary to do something different because that is moving you into unfamiliar territory.

Out of your comfort zone.

Into the unknown.

But isn’t it scarier to think of all the amazingness you might be missing because you are not willing to push yourself just a little bit outside your comfort zone?

What might you be capable of?

Who might you discover is really hiding below these layers of darkness?

Layers of darkness like sugar, alcohol, processed snacks, processed flours, processed meats, processed dairy, Netflix, video games, sarcasm, bitterness, judgement, smoking, prescription drugs, pesticides, comparison, imobility, negative self-talk, unfulfilling relationships, isolation, the negative news cycle.


Where to start?

Pick one.

Commit to peeling it back and staying really present with the process, observing any shifts you have in mindset, body and spirit. Just being OPEN to the possibility that by peeling back even just ONE LAYER you might have the best year of your life.

Are you ready to go even deeper? I have 4 spots left in the Women’s Wellness Circle and we are going DEEP over the next 3 months. We are doing a whole body, spirit and mindset DETOX.

We are pulling back all the layers of darkness, and solidifying the mindset we need to manifest new levels of energy, power and contentment, naturally.

We are designing a lifestyle that works for us through and through to keep us supported, motivated, energized and completely ready and open to making 2021 the year we shift our energy from stuck and stagnant to abundant and flowing.

We start next week, we start treating ourselves better. Email me at to set up a quick call.

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