Abundant vs. Scarcity Mindset.

Abundance vs. Scarcity Thinking

Check out this list and over the course of the day pay attention to see what you knee-jerk reaction when you interact with others and are asked to share.

I have noticed my shift in mindset even around food. I used to hide my favourite goodies or have an uneasy sense when something was running out on the table and I knew I still wanted more. Now I pay more attention to the conversation, the interaction with others and my own body and how it feels - because I know there will always be more, maybe not today, but sometime in the future. It allows you to savour what is in front of you (deeper gratitude) and not have a sense of scarcity around things that are ‘running out’ in a given situation.

Are there moments in your life you are more focused on the lack than the abundance?


“There will never be enough.”

Competes to stay on top

Horades things from others

Won’t share knowledge

Suspicious of others

Resents competition

Afraid of being replaced

Believes times are tough

Thinks small and avoids risk

Fears change


“There will always be more.”

Collaborates to stay on top

Generous with others

Shares knowledge

Freely offers help to others

Trusts and builds rapport

Strives to grow

Believes the best is yet to come

Thinks big and embraces risk

Takes ownership of change

Where do you fall in this spectrum? What might you add to the list?

You can also checkout the latest podcast featuring Sabrina Philipp on Abundant Mindset and Energy:


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