5 Ways to be more Present While You are Eating

Giving Thanks.  Holding hands or blessing your plate with gratitude.

Might sound a bit silly, might not.  I am not a religious person, but I am definitely a spiritual one who believes that the energy you bring to the table matters.  So even if it is a 2 second pause, just taking the millisecond of a moment to tune in, be grateful for the delicious meal and all the nutrients it is bringing you sets a tone that helps you stay more present with the meal.

Screen-free time.  Go offline.

Do try to create some boundaries around technology and meal times.  When I was a kid it was watching TV while eating was a ‘no no’ reserved for special occasions aka when Mom needed to order pizza and not deal with another single thing.  So along the same lines I would say it doesn’t have to be 21 meals a week with no screens, but it is worth having a few meals a week or one a day that are free from distractions.  This elevates the conversation, sparkes eye contact and helps you tune into the moment on a whole other level.   Not only the body experience of the meal, but the energetic connections you are making with your loved ones or yourself.  

Start a deep conversation.  

Now, if you live alone this might mean you set aside a few meals a week to eat with a friend or family member to ensure you are getting in some deep thoughts into your week.  Try to stay away from politics and lean more into spiritual practices, love languages, travel stories or good books you have read.

Start with a soup or salad.  This allows for natural pauses in eating, and ups your fiber and water consumption to support your digestion.

It might seem like you eat more with multiple course meals, but if done right you will get in an extra serving of vegetables or two - which if done right will make you less likely to overeat in the long run.  Plus multiple courses gives the body that needed pause so the brain can catch up to the stomach to indicate that we are getting full.  Aim to leave a meal feeling 70-80% full to feel satisfied but not stuffed.  This allows for optimal enjoyment, digestion, and absorption of nutrients.

Connect with your food, take a moment to really appreciate the journey that everything on the plate has gone through, seed to harvest.

This is becoming a lost art, similar to the first point but different, take a moment to appreciate the time, water, soil, life that the food on your plate has had/required before it is going to nourish you.  Set the tone of gratitude and your relationship with food and eating will gradually shift into intuitive eating.  

Intuitive Eating is when you feel confident that you know what, when and why to eat so that you are thriving and enjoying life.  This is one of the pillars of my Sustainable Integrated Wellness approach to coaching my 1:1 clients.  Over several months my clients gain confidence in their choices and feel more in tune to their bodies so that they make the right choices for them in the moment.  Living each moment more fully.   

Interested in more information? Try out my Wellness Quiz here: https://meganswanwellnessquiz.paperform.co

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