3 Essential Oils for Tick Repellent for your dogs

Who’s a fan of 4-legged friends?

I wanted to post something to lighten my mood today, so I’m going to do a little shout out to our 4-legged friends for all their love and support through this pandemic. My kids are going on 10 months of homeschooling and I am so grateful that they have each other, and also they each have their own 4-legged friend to provide emotional support, love, cuddles, fun and unrelenting forgiveness.

I thought I’d also take the opportunity to share with you one of my favourite essential oil recipes that we use with our dogs. Maya our Chocolate Lab almost never gets ticks, but Prince our German Shepard has a constant battle. We have tried everything, and frankly the best approach is prevention like with everything. We spray them once or twice a day with a solution of water, eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, and lavender oil. Not only do they smell amazing, it is the best tick repellent.

This solution is great for humans too! These three oils repel most insects. If you want to protect your family from mosquitoes add some citronella to the mix and your are golden.

Tell me, is your four-legged friend emotionally supporting you right now?

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