12 things you need to know about sleep:

Updated: Jun 2

On daylight savings when we all get 1 hour less of sleep the following day there are 24% more heart attacks. The reverse is true when we switch back the clocks + get one more hour.

The amount of sleep we need changes over the different stages of our lives, but in general as adults we are a dramatically sleep deprived population as we squeak by on less than 8 solid hours a night. Babies 16+, Children 12+, Adolescents 14+, Adults 8+, Elderly 8+.

Caffeine dramatically inhibits essential REM sleep.

Alcohol dramatically inhibits essential REM sleep.

REM sleep is important because…REM is the difference between knowledge + wisdom. Learning vs comprehension. Your mind operating as a computer vs. a brain 🧠. Facts vs. novel connection of ideas.

REM is when you do intelligent information processing that inspires creativity + problem solving. For example children learning how to use grammar conjunctions before they understand what they are based on patterns in their experience

REM sleep dreaming is informational alchemy, emotional therapy + emotional memory integration into our autobiography.

Sleep disruption in fact increases your risk for Alzheimer’s, depression, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, obesity + cardiovascular disease. Sleep decline (6 hours or less) increases your risk for heart disease by 45% after 7 days.

3 year olds who sleep 10.5 hrs or less have a 45% higher risk of being obese by age 7 than children who sleep 12+ hrs.

WTO has now classified night shift work as a known carcinogen.

Denmark was the first country to pay government compensation to women who developed breast cancer after long spells of working at night.

Chronic sleep loss erodes your life structure itself it literally changes the make up + behaviour of your genes 🧬 + DNA.

*Reference: Why We Sleep by Dr. Matthew Walker.


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