10 reflections on being 3 years sober:

Updated: Mar 18

March 18th marks 3 years since I decided to quit drinking. At the time it was just for a year to see how it impacted my life. Needless to say I never looked back and won't, it was a game changer. Now I see my possibilities as endless and my life as expansive.

  1. Alcohol was holding me back and keeping me small.

  2. Alcohol was impacting my mental health and my ability to snap out of the victim mentality and truly take control of my life.

  3. I was hiding my best personality traits behind alcohol, I’m a risk taker, bold and determined and I don’t need alcohol anymore to show up that way, it’s too bad I thought I did for so long.

  4. I love my mornings early, reflective, introspective, zen, but energetic and full of gratitude - which was never the case when alcohol was a part of my life.

  5. It seems crazy how harshly I judged people who didn’t drink looking back.

  6. I am a better mother, nowhere near perfect, but a better one without alcohol in my life.

  7. Being present and remembering all my experiences and interactions with my children is the greatest gift I could have given myself.

  8. It is counterproductive to look at things in absolutes, what worked for me, might not work for you, but if you are asking yourself if you should try to quit, you probably should. Also, you don’t have to tell yourself it is forever.

  9. I value connection over commotion and clarity over numbness.

  10. I can’t believe how much extra time I have now to work on self-improvement and be there for others who want to be seen and heard.

This week on the podcast I sat down with two good friends to talk about their experiences going sober for one month earlier this year, you can listen here:

Mindful Drinking with Genevieve Pardoe + Candice Lashley

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