10 reasons why mastering your self-care is a game changer:

Who’s looking to pamper themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually this week?

It is Valentine’s Week, and I wanted to celebrate by running this fun challenge - we could all use a little extra TLC right now.

This week I am running a 3 Day Self-Love Rituals challenge in my FB group - and you don’t want to miss it!

Day 1 we are focusing mindset + action steps to getting more SELF+CARE on your calendar! I will show you step-by-step how to shift your mindset around this game changer and help you discover what type of SELF+CARE you are needing to prioritize (There are 10 categories!)

Self-Care is the secret to more energy.

This was solidified for me when I first started training for races. You always take a day off.

That time that your body is ‘resting’ is really time it is ‘integrating’, ‘reloading’, and ‘storing’ valuable lessons be it on a muscle memory level or on a mindset level.

You have to create space for self-care in your schedule.

Daily is ideal, but even weekly will show you big changes.

Here’s 10 reasons why mastering your self-care is a game changer:

  • boosts your immune system

  • improves your sleep quality

  • helps you to manage stress more effectively

  • makes you more patient + loving throughout your day

  • boosts creativity + problem solving

  • brings mental clarity on your purpose + goals in life

  • brings more compassion + joy into your life

  • helps you to be more present with your loved ones

  • improves memory + concentration

  • creates a deeper sense of satisfaction with your life

Join me!

I’m running a FREE 3 DAY SELF-LOVE RITUALS CHALLENGE next week in my FB Group - join us here: https://view.flodesk.com/pages/601acfe08b8b15d2a6f2df17.

We will be:

  1. Designing Our Wellness Schedule to Incorporate 1 more hour of joy a week, plus daily self-care rituals.

  2. We will spend a blissful hour boosting our spirit and immune system by stacking self-love journaling, with an invigorating guided meditation.

  3. Create a stunning Valentine’s plant-based cheese board to share with our loved ones on Feb 14th.

So join us Feb 11-13 for this nourishing, uplifting, and empowering challenge - you don’t want to miss it!

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